The "egg in the bottle" experiment is the source of discussion.

The students are practicing formulating hypotheses for an assortment of experiments.

While we wait for the egg to go into the bottle, lets explan

The name might havebeen borrowed from a poem by Gelette Burgess published in The (magazine), May 1895:
"I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one."Historic recipes & notes

"Black Cow.

Use a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice.
2 jiggers of Cream.
1 bottle Sarsaparilla.
Stir well and serve with Straws."
---, Tom Bullock, facsimile 1917 reprint [Howling at the MoonPress:Jenks OK] 2001 (p.

Ask a Question Why does the egg fall inside the bottle?

I hypothesized that the level of electromagnetic radiation a user is exposed to from a cellphone will be the highest in a basement rather than outdoors.

However, the ball doesn't bounce all by itself when you drop it on a flexible surface. In that case, the surface also dents and is responsible for part of the ball's rebound. If that surface handles energy inefficiently, it may weaken the ball's bounce. For example, if you drop the ball on carpeting, the carpeting will do much of the denting, will receive much of the ball's original energy, and will waste its share as heat. The ball won't rebound well. My guess is that you dropped the ball on a reasonably hard surface, but one that began to dent significantly when the ball's pressure reached 12psi. At that point, the ball was extremely bouncy, but it was also so hard that it dented the surface and let the surface participate strongly in the bouncing. The surface probably wasn't as bouncy as the ball, so it threw the ball relatively weakly into the air.

Gravity isn't sufficient to pull the egg inside the bottle.

Their frequent sign 'Produzione Propria' means that gelat artists are at work, using their secret recipes...Gelato seems to taste better than homogenized or standard American ice cream because it isn't as deeply frozenand therefore has a creamier texture, and because it usually contains plenty of fresh eggs and cream...In Rome, the most renowedice cream emporium is Giolitti's...The history of Giolitti's is a good example of the recent fortunes of gelato.

A outstanding example of a great VSF project website.

Vanilla Essence.
Process.--Well whisk the eggs with a fork or whisk, then stir them into the new milk,adding the butter and sugar; put the whole into a clean pan and place on a slow clearfire; keep stirring all the time, well rubbing the bottom of the pan until the mixture comesto the boiling point, when it will get thickish; be careful that it does not quite boil or it willcurdle; remove the pan from the fire and strain through a fine hair sieve; stand it asideuntil cold; when quite cold, put the custard in the freezer, adding the vanilla, and freezeeither by hand or machine as directed; a tidge of saffron would make the cream lookricher."
---, [W.J.

Excellent background research and well defined hypothesis.

We hypothesized that if you concentrate on your food while eating than you will eat a smaller quantity of food (take in less calories) and you will eat a slower pace then if you eat while being distracted

Logical hypothesis given this research.

He also had an ice-cream-making machine he called a "sorbetiere" at Monticello, wherehe followed a recipe that called for a stick of vanilla...two bottles of cream, and an egg-custardmixture, boiled, stirred, reheated, strained, and put in an ice pail'."
---, John F.