What is a controlled experiment? definition and meanin…

When the experiment was over, we examine the results of the experiment and Draw a .

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The group receiving the treatment-present condition (one of the two levels of the independent variable) is called the experimental group, and the group receiving the treatment-absent, or no-treatment, condition (the other level of the independent variable) is called the control group.

hypothesis-drivenresearch) involves Observation, Hypothesis, Controlled Experiment and Conclusion.

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“Why is it useless,” you ask? Well, there are things called Variables vary: They change, they differ, and they are not the same. A well-designed experiment needs to have an and a . The independent variable is what the scientist manipulates in the experiment. The dependent variable changes based on how the independent variable is manipulated. Therefore, the dependent variable provides the data for the experiment.

An example might be measuring the effect of noise level on subjects

Immediately thereafter, however, the experimenter is obligated to inform participants about the true nature of the hypothesis, why the experiment was designed as it was, and what previous investigators in the relevant areas had found.

The prediction is a statement of the expected results of the experiment based on the hypothesis.

One of the most common types of experiment is a controlled experiment

For example, in ourtomato plant experiment the dependent variables are the tomato plantsthemselves, specifically, the growth rate of the tomato plants.

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But the scientist can measure as many dependent variables as he/she thinks are important indicators of coffee bean growth.
Controlled -- the variables held constant.

What is a controlled experiment? definition and …

If you haven’t carefully controlledall the other variables, you cannot be sure if it is the independentvariable you are testing that has actually produced the difference.

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For example, the above scientist must ascertain that no differences in the type offertilizer used exists, or amount of H,O, variations of temperature, or day length exist.

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The stated problem was

Heidi's hypothesis was written in "if-then" format: The if-then statement is made of the independent/manipulated variable and dependent/responding variable (independent-dependent and manipulated-responding are paired terms).

had a well-controlled experiment, ..

Inorder to reduce the impact of this random variation on our results, wewant to apply our independent variable to multiple test subjects andmeasure the dependent variable multiple times.

For what do scientists use the data from a controlled experiment?

So the hypothesis can be written with this style:

If independent variable, then dependent variable.
If I don't water my plants, then they will die.