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In today’s experiments we will explore membrane transport processes, focusing on passive transport, specifically diffusion of molecules through various types of matter and across semipermeable membranes

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The glucose and fructose are taken up by the sink cells and stored or further metabolized as in maize; or (b) sucrose is unloaded into the sink by a carrier co-transport system like in sucrose loading.

AB - The kinetics of signaling endosome retrograde transport along axons is analyzed and offered as evidence that such transport is more efficient than diffusion or calcium wave-based signaling systems over even relatively small distances. Evidence is provided to support the signaling endosome hypothesis and to expand the hypothesis to include signaling in many cell types and many cellular dimensions. Finally, a saltatory, regenerating inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate wave model is offered to reconcile current discrepancies in the literature regarding endosomal-based retrograde signaling.


These are excellent choices for transport materials for two reasons: (a) they are non-reducing sugars (the hydroxyl group on the anomeric carbon, the number one carbon, is tied up) which means that they are less reactive and more chemically stable; and (b) the linkage between sucrose and fructose is a "high-energy" linkage similar to that of ATP.