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A  is one that randomly assigns items to the control and the experimental groups.

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Hypothesis in medical research is referred to as an educational guess, nevertheless, due to ethical reasons and some other factors, not every educational guess is allowed to be tested in clinical trials. Only a strong educational guess is recommended to be tested in clinical trials. In a clinical trial investigating a drug, a hypothesis can be referred to as a postulation, assumption, or statement that is made about the population regarding the effectiveness/efficacy and safety of the drug of interest ().

Results from the experimental group and control group can be compared.

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For example, if 'C' causes 'E', when we introduce 'C' into the experimental group but not into the control group, we should find 'E' occurring in the experimental group at a significantly greater rate than in the control group.

Researchers, reasoning from animal models of territorial aggression, aggressionwithin social groups, and selective breeding for aggressive traits, arguethat genetics contributes to aggression and violence. Another hypothesis is the observational learning hypothesis.

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If the suspected causal agent is actually a causal factor of some event, then logic dictates that that event should manifest itself more significantly in the experimental than in the control group.

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The distinction between independent groups and same subject designs is important since different statistical tests are used for hypothesis testing. In general, same subject research designs have more statistical power since there are fewer sources of variation in the experiment. Note that a randomized controlled trial (RCT), the golden standard of clinical trials, combines both design types by having pre and post measures for both a control and treatment group.

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This choice between parametric and non-parametric models is based on the intrinsic nature of the data, and is therefore outside of the control of the experimenter. Therefore, you should always examine your data and conduct tests to verify the assumptions where appropriate.

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If you do a large number of tests to evaluate a hypothesis (called ), then you need to control for this in your designation of the significance level or calculation of the p-value. For example, if three outcomes measure the effectiveness of a drug or other intervention, you will have to adjust for these three analyses.

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In the main test of the LifeGuard, when neither the test operator nor the investigator keeping track of the operator's results knew which of five possible locations contained the target, the operator performed poorly (six out of 25) and took about four times longer than when the operator knew the target's location.