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According to the hygiene hypothesis, childhood infections may help prevent asthma.

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It will take a wide range of scientific minds to flesh out the full range of the mind-world hypothesis -- we're confident that even the fields of anthropology and literature may contribute since many ancient systems of thought (including the Bible) used variations of this world-mind model.

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Note that complex animals are in fact closely knit colonies of single cellular beings and in essence stay true to the eukaryotic principle of endosymbiosis. We humans tend to be proud of our individual personality, but what mystic traditions may call "soul" extends only through about 10% of the cells that form us; namely the 10% with the same DNA. The rest of the corporate bulk, without which we could not possibly exist, has its own DNA (and "soul" if you will).

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At some further point, and also for a thus far unidentified reason, one particular kind of large organism began to wholly absorb and adapt others: humans began to domesticate grasses into grain and animals such as wolves and wild ruminants into dogs and cattle. This achievement of our ancestors is truly mesmerizing; wild versions of potatoes and corn are inedible and even poisonous, yet people still somehow knew these plants could yield nutritious offspring, and patiently pried these out over the course of what must have been hundreds of generations. Animals such as cows and dogs stem from quite disagreeable feral forbears, and the vast majority of animals to choose from wouldn't yield tame offspring.

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If the proposed self-similarity of the evolution of life and that of reason can indeed be shown to exist, it will disprove the classical hypothesis that evolution is merely driven by chance mutation and survival of the fittest, and aims for nothing. The logical conclusion of life-mind similarity is that evolution gravitates toward a previously established attractor (and an attractor is the point of maximum entropy at which a dynamic system must eventually settle).

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So far these pockets of hyper-chaos that would allow life's spontaneous emergence haven't been identified, but that's maybe because prospectors have been looking in the wrong direction. The world-mind hypothesis proposes that life and mind are self-similar, and their evolutions show the same basic shapes and forms. But this suggests that the "dimensions of the mind" are truly as much part of the universe as space and time are (and we should no longer speak of simply space-time but of space-time-mind). And that means that the universe is perfectly allowed to pay in chaos in the mental realm for the DNA-forming order in the material realm.

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It will take a while to work these suggestions out into proper math, but the world-mind hypothesis proposes that the entropy lost in the formation of DNA is less than the entropy gained by the formation of human consensus.

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The world-mind hypothesis proposes that the two realms of life (the biosphere) and reason (the mental sphere) are not simply two successive chapters in the grand story of evolution, but rather two self-similar continua that develop according to an underlying pattern.

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Like stars that consist of a massive core the body of spacetime this core forms, so consists a "mind" of a conscious being its world view (that is: the entire scope of what this being is conscious of). Inside a black hole, time stops, and that means that if the black hole were conscious, its instantaneous world view would consist of the entire evolution of the whole of spacetime, including the other black holes relative to its own position. Likewise one human mind is not simply that which sits inside somebody's head, but includes the minds of all other humans in its scope, relative to itself.