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The Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award was established in 1995 as an incentive for students and PhD first prize PhD thesis: "Law as a Source and Instrument.
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Success in promoting human rights requires hard-to-achieve success inother areas including building more capable, responsive, efficient,and non-corrupt governments, dealing with failed states, increasingeconomic productivity (to pay for the protections and services thathuman rights require), improving the power and status of women,improving education, and managing international tensions andconflicts. Realizing human rights worldwide is a project forcenturies, not decades. This is not to say, however, that progresscannot proceed at a faster pace than it currently does.

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The Council consists of 47 members, elected directly and individuallyby the General Assembly with membership based on equitable geographicdistribution. Council members serve terms of three years, with alimitation of no more than two consecutive terms. Procedures forCouncil membership are aimed at keeping countries with very poor humanrights records off the Commission. Members must be elected by anabsolute majority of the General Assembly, requiring 96 votes in asecret ballot, rather than a simple majority of General Assemblymembers present. The General Assembly also acts as a check on theCouncil, with the ability to suspend Council members whose countriescommit gross human rights violations. The Council meets at leastthree times per year for a total of not less than ten weeks, with the ability tohold special sessions when necessary.

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In 1993, following recommendations included in the World Conference onHuman Rights in Vienna, the United Nations General Assemblyestablished the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights aspart of the UN Secretariat. The OHCHR coordinates the many humanrights activities within the UN, working closely with treaty bodies,such as the Human Rights Committee, and other UN agencies such as theHuman Rights Council. The High-Commissioner assists in thedevelopment of new treaties and procedures, sets the agenda for humanrights agencies within the UN, and provides advisory services togovernments. Most importantly, the High Commissioner serves as afull-time advocate for human rights within the United Nations. The OHCHR has field offices throughout the world.

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An important 2008 development within the procedures of the Council isUniversal Periodic Review. This is a system of scrutiny andevaluation run by the Council and its staff in which all UN memberstates are required once every four years to report on, receiveevaluation, and have discussed in the Council their human rightspractices. This requirement applies whether or not a countryparticipates in human rights treaties.