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Three days after AFB1 dosing, the rate of DNA synthesis had recovered to the control level.

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The authors concluded that although many HCC patients displaying P53 mutations also suffer from HBV infection, which itself can lead to rearrangement of P53 coding regions or induce the synthesis of viral proteins possibly interacting with p53, the specific G to T transversion within codon 249 of the P53 gene seems to directly reflect the extent of AFB1 exposure and is not pathognomonic for all HCCs.

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Dietary administration of oltipraz, a synthetic antioxidant which protects against aflatoxin-hepatocarcinogenesis served as an inducer of GST Yc2.

Due to its superior thermal, optical and mechanical properties and its high resilience, synthetic diamond is preferred to other crystalline materials for such demanding tasks. Type-IIa HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) diamond produced by Element Six is considered to be the ultimate synthetic diamond material for synchrotron optics, due to its high thermal conductivity, and to the low levels of crystal structure defects and impurities which can otherwise distort the lattice.

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The crystallised diamonds were found to contain nitrogen in concentration up to approximately 3300 ppm, which depending on the synthesis temperature was present in either the A form or both A and C forms.

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The Element Six single crystal Mono Series range consists of a range of products, all of which are derived from industry-leading single crystal synthetic diamond. They are synthesised by HPHT (high pressure high temperature synthesis) under tightly controlled growth conditions and are subject to a rigorous quality control process with regard to dimensions and physical characteristics. Mono Series products are used for cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials, dressers for wheel dressing, a variety of speciality knives, burnishing tools, wear parts, and wire drawing dies. The product range offers a wide choice of geometries, edge lengths and cross-sectional areas to give the synthetic diamond tool and die maker unprecedented options and the opportunity to manufacture tools for a broad range of applications. Our comprehensive quality assurance programme ensures that all our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. For more information, please view our Single crystal synthetic diamond solutions brochure.

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Recently, we succeeded in producing much larger high-quality type IIa diamond crystals measuring up to 12 mm in diameter by improving the synthesis technology.

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It was established that depending on the synthesis temperature the iron nitride melt provides conditions for crystallisation of diamond and/or graphite, with the minimal temperature for spontaneous diamond nucleation being approximately 1700 °C.

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The next-generation of highly brilliant beams (free-electron X-ray laser, XFEL) requires diamonds of much higher crystalline quality, and so there are high expectations for these large synthetic type IIa diamond crystals.