The plural form of most nouns is created simply by adding the letter

There are special nouns that have irregular or mutated plurals. Some of these are:

The plural pronoun their correctly refers to the plural word parents.

Further, the similarities between the Arabs and Byzantines havebeen downplayed by both sides. Take this fact I discovered on theplane back from Las Vegas. Four Caliphs had Greek-Byzantine mothers(Al-Wathiq, Al-Muntasir, Al-Muhtadi,& Al-Mutadid), and one ofthem (Al-Muntasir, Haroun Al Rashid’s grandson) was ¾ Greek!Add that to the fact that seven Roman Emperors were of partial orfull Syrian blood.

Finally, some words keep their Greek or Latin form when making a plural. A few of these are:

In English, the plural of most countable nounsis formed by adding s.

This sentence contains an example of nonagreement of subject and pronoun. The singular possessive pronoun his is used incorrectly because it refers to the plural antecedent parents. The sentence should read like this:

Learn about active verb tenses, and discover the difference between tenses and voice and how active tenses are used to write in an active voice.

Today the "Podsakoff paradox" can be explained using this Taxonomy.

in the Former Soviet Union have no trouble listing members, keeping log books, and some post a membership roster on their assembly wall. Many congregations now keep a private membership roster to contact members, and a donation ledger to maintain their non-profit legal status to avoid taxes.


My cousin George Nasr made a cartoon about the problem ofinduction.

The third person singular is the form of theverb used with the personal pronouns he, she, and it.

When the subject of a verb is a plural noun, the verb must be in thethird person plural.

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To Aronofsky, though, this pap was “so violently honest and arresting” that he couldn’t finish it in one go and absolutely had to film it. And he got off so much on filming anti-drug propaganda that he went on to make four Montana Meth Project scare ads, or mini-Requiems, as I like to call them. The Montana Meth Project is run by an IT security billionaire called , who donated half a million dollars to George W. Bush’s 2000 election campaign. He then clamored for software contracts from Homeland Security, apparently before the DHS was even formally established. Nice patrons Aronofsky’s got.

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Learn how to recognize run-on sentences and correct them, so your readers recognize your writing skill instead of discounting it because of punctuation errors.

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What Siebel’s case shows is that very little of today’s anti-drug propaganda is as primitive as Reefer Madness. Films from the 30s about marijuana-induced killing sprees are so tame by now that hipsters watch them for laughs, though few of those hipsters realise that Requiem for a Dream is just as absurd. (With “hard” drugs, there’s no such thing as too lurid.) In short, the propaganda empire never ended; it just went art house.