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The thesis proposal doesn't require a timetable, but you and your supervisor should have a clear idea of how much you should accomplish on a monthly basis all the way through completion. Not all of those monthly benchmarks will be actual written work; for many Scholars the write-up won't come until toward the end. If you fall behind during the earlier part of the thesis timeline, it will be difficult if not impossible to make up that ground later.

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The first place you should take notes from is the play itself (referred to as the "primary source"). Reread the play carefully with your writing plan in front of you, and when you find something in the play that you think you might be able to use in your paper, take out a blank index card and write down the information. The information might be a direct quote, a paraphrase, or a summary of something that happens in the play (make sure to put quotation marks around direct quotes).

To make it easier to organize your notes, you should write down only one note per card and you should write at the top of each card the heading (taken from your writing plan) under which this note might be used in your paper.

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But it was refusing to stay underground.—

In order to understand the other, we have to be involved ourselves.—
We think we engaged in all forms of ritual in 1994, symbolically and otherwise, to sort of bury the proposition that we are sub-human, but it keeps resurfacing.—
Ndlozi looks at South Africa's history by examining the way in which colonialism and apartheid disrupted family life.
I am thinking here of the father in relation to how Lacan uses it, the french philosopher, as an idea of order.—
You obviously are moving forward in life, but in your head the inadequacy you keep looking back and I think, in many ways, that may be the damage that colonisation makes out of us.

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