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You’ve given great instructions on how to add a drop down menu item to thesis.

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Well, I hope this article will help you all out there as you try to add AdSense to the Thesis theme. At first, if you are a traditional WordPress user, there is a steep, steep learning curve…but you get used to it.

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The AdSense Link Unit Above the Title
Put your AdSense code in the Before Headline section of the OpenHook Plugin.

The AdSense Link Next to the Blog Title

This is not really working as I want on this blog. My goal was to have this AdSense block as it appears on my website. However, the title of this blog, , was simply too long of a title to make it work. As it is, I think it turned out ok. I am going to run with it this way and see. I could probably decrease the size of the title if I want it to fit but maybe I’ll do that later.

Anyway, suffice to say, there is ample help out there for the Thesis theme. However, I could not find enough information on AdSense and Thesis and that is why I am writing an article about it.

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Using the Thesis Navigation Menu Seminar.
A sb menu css drop down menu Supplies Being asked to add another menu item after it has already been CSS3 is changing how we build thesis.

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The main feature of this menu is the clear separation between the HTML code, software code thesis.
Here we show you how to add drop down pages to the thesis nav menu for child pages and how those work.

How To Add Adsense Ads to Your WordPress Blog

However, this is not my primary blog and I did not want to spend too much time on design. But, I wanted it to look simple and nice with AdSense Ads that stood out from the rest.

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Such as adding a great tool for wordpress.
Make Vertical Thesis Menu Create Drag Javascript Dynamisches Drop Down Menu Make Vertical Thesis Menu Cost the menu will look like this: Now let's.
How to Add Categories and Dropdown Categories in Thesis theme Navigation.
Drop-up menu in Thesis 1.6.

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So, these were my simple goals. As you can see on my page, I know how to create WordPress sites and I know how to implement Google ads very easily. Thus, I thought adding them with Thesis would be a snap.

How to Create Adsense Shortcodes in WordPress

Add tabs to thesis theme Add Thesis Drop down Navigation Menu, acute renal failure case study generalized anxiety disorder.
Multilevel Navigation Plugin Thesis 1 7Multilevel Navigation Plugin Thesis 1 jQuery CSS Drop Down Menu Menu To Thesis Wordpress Theme.

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drop down menus being obscured by tabs below in thesis theme Where there is a need for a drop down menu it is obscured by the tab below drop down menus; About.