How does water travel from cell-to-cell?

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It is possible to grow marijuana seeds outdoors without starting them off inside. We would always recommend germinating using paper plate method outlined as you will have a much better success rate. It is possible to plant seeds direct in the soil you just need to be careful not to over water and not to sow them too deep otherwise there is a high chance the seeds will die.

Roots do not photosynthesise, however, and they fix carbon in the absence of light with the use of enzymes.

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They give the plant roots some of these minerals in exchange for sugars manufactured by the
plant during photosynthesis.

The diagram below shows the mycorhiza of the beech tree (

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Apart from the food they manufacture, plants also need carbon, hydrogen and oxygen to survive. Water absorbed from the soil provides the hydrogen and oxygen. During photosynthesis, carbon and water are used to synthesize food. They also need nitrate to make amino acids (Amino acid an ingredient for making protein). In addition to that, they need magnesium to make chlorophyll.

In this lesson, we shall learn more about how plants manufacture food (photosynthesis), and learn more about the conditions that must be present for this to happen.

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Grow tip – If you’re growing weed outdoors check the light supply by standing in your chosen location. You’ll be able to tell if there are any light blockages.

Backyard Growing
Growing weed outdoors in your backyard enables you pay close attention to your plants and have relatively good control over their environment. Prepare your soil in fall, removing weeds and digging beds for your plants, turning the soil. Cover your turned soil with mulch over the winter months to hold in the nutrients. You will be able to transplant your seedlings in April or after the last frosts.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Pots
If you’re growing marijuana outdoors in pots, it’s likely that you’re growing on a terrace, patio, rooftop or balcony. If you have your pots in a high location, take precautions against strong winds, as these can dehydrate your plant and carry rogue male pollen.

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To put it simply, Guerrilla growing is farming outdoors away from your own property, mostly in a remote location where it is unlikely to be found. Security and location are considered the main factors for the guerrilla grower. It’s recommended that the guerrilla location you choose is remote, near a good water source, receives a good amount of light and is out of direct wind.

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Once an insect lands on a Venus Flytrap, thetrap constricts tightly around the insect and theplant begins to secrete digestive juices, muchlike the ones in your stomach. These digestivejuices dissolve the soft, inner part of the insectbut leave the tough, outer part intact. At the endof the digestive process, which takes between fiveto twelve days, the trap reabsorbs the digestivefluid it let out and then it reopens, ready tocatch another insect. The leftover, hard, outershell from the now digested insect is blown awayin the wind or washed away by the rain.