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This is where a person is addiction to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or other sites.

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A novel about a heroin addict shouldn’t be this much fun to read. In Jade Sharma’s debut, “Problems,” the narrator, Maya, has many: her addiction, failing marriage, failing affair, nonexistent master’s thesis, expiring job and eating disorder. She offends her conservative in-laws. She fights with her mom, who is widowed and dying of M.S.

There are numbers of addictions that are available to the people around the globe.

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A disturbing and intimate portrait of the destructive power of drug addiction, including a crack-induced fit and near-fatal heroin overdose, as well as a moving, poignant look at the intense love between a mother and her son living on the edge of society.

Heroin is much more addictive than morphine because it gets to the brain roughly 100 times faster.

-- Understanding relapse -- The search for treatment: a challenging journey -- The adolescent addict: multi-systemic therapy: a new outpatient approach ; Phoenix academy: a profile of residential treatment.

The addictive agent here was sex, promiscuous, anonymous sex with literally hundreds of partners.

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I live with an person who is by self admission addicted to the act of reading. I have discussed ith with her on several occasions over the 20 years we have been married. I noticed it as a newly married person. I could not fully articulate the issue, however my wife’s lack of personal engagement with myself and later my children is a serious problem from time to time. There has been anger, denial and greater withdrawal usually when I bring up the subject. The activity interferes with life and intimacy in my relationship.

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There is no question that reading enhances our intellectual and society capabilities; especially within a context that values literacy. The idea of reading as an addiction is a way to provoke an assessment of our attitude to reading. Addictions cause us to ignore other things; we are blinded from aspects of reality; we delude ourselves; we persist in behaviour which is counterproductive (not all, even most, reading is effective/useful). My point about reading as an addiction is that it reinforces and confirms a specific view of the world and our selves. And as Ong says, literacy aggressively blocks out other perspectives (and other “literacies”).

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An addiction to a smart phone becomes all consuming, taking the addict to a point where nothing else matters as long as the addict can send their next text or update their social media profile.

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However, in order to merit this type of recognition the activity or object would probably have to be the focus of addiction for a particularly large portion of the population, or result in particularly negative consequences. I haven’t seen enough evidence to convince me that either of these is the case for reading. While I can accept that there are probably people who are addicted to reading, I’m not sure it warrants being labeled as addictive any more than the many other activities we engage in which are not labeled as such.

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Addiction is created in the “Central-brain”, which has no free will, giving the addict very little choice to decide what is rational and irrational behavior, therefore addiction is a disease....