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i don’t know what can i do without your lesson? i found repetition is very good and useful i wish to improve my English with your help it actually improved thanks for your help but i want to ask u something can u make a video about the expression that u use everyday in life overall thanks for everything

My Lord and master, the one who died for my sin and the one who has given me eternal life.

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I’m optimistic in learning but my level is low in the hearing.I do not feel safe in a conversation.I am grateful to teachers friends who have helped me a lot because I feel better!!!
Thank you.

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i’m very happy to watch your videos repetition techniques this is the only way how to improved my English speaking and used a good grammars…i want to speak English very well. . .thank you very much for your helping us.

iii there are three help in my master thesis in kuwait parts question paper

Hello there, My wife and I just completed the DS-260 and submitted it

Thank you very much for taking all the effort to send us updates and new learnings. hope you’ll continue to share the lessons and help us understand more English. as you have mentioned in your previous videos, I myself learned English thru textbooks, now i don’t need to read any of them, i just listened to your lessons and i think i can now speak with confidence. Thank you, and hope and pray you’ll continue to guide us. More luck teachers.

Repetition Techniques - Learn Real English

Thank you very much for keeping sending me lesson materials. I love to learn this real English but my computer does not have speakers for me to hear what the lesson is all about. please keep on sending because I will found a way to download all the lessons you have sent so far so that I can sit down and feed myself with this your wonderful video because it really be useful and helpful for me to improve my English skills.
God bless you more and more.
Thank you.

I was totally understand what Mr

Throughout the history of human beings we see that there is an interaction between the peace, balance and harmony within our inner worlds and the universe. And that we are travellers of the same ship and have the same respnsibility of reaching The Eternal World safely and alltogether. With birth we bring this peace, without prejudices of any kind. In my university studies, in my personal life and my Master thesis, I focused on ” The Relationship Among The Conscious Individual and The Society”. I’m thankful to all of you; World Interfaith Harmony representatives, travellers for contributing this process of peace and harmony.

Actually I have done before with these kind of step by my own thought

I am very happy because of you are. In my time of learning English in my middle age. Some times it is dificult to learn, but your group were drawing me to the understanding of English and enlightening me and preparing me to my new job. GOD BLESS YOU. I HOPE YOU STILL HELP ME IN THIS REAL LEARNING ENGLISH

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Assalam ’alaikum wa Rahmatullah
I would like to express my full support for your work for interfaith and intrafaith harmony. This is an excellent initiative and it should be supported by all states, organizations and the people of conscience.
We also need an interfaith delegation to visit the trouble spots of the world and help resolve the conflicts and save the innocent people suffering in those areas. I specially refer to the Syrian situation. There is an urgent need of intervention.
My prayers are for peace and justice for all.
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi