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12.18.39 Obituary. Former Conservative Senate Leader, Dies Photo: W. B. Willoughby, brother of J.A. Willoughby – family history related. (Photocopy of newspaper clipping.)

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Image/Text was on view at The Carroll Gallery of Tulane University’s Newcomb Art Department gathering those of us long fascinated by ways that we may wed image and text.And now, Prospect.2 Biennial will be on view October 20, 2011 – January 29. 2012. I’ve joined with my studio partner, Jana Napoli, again to present a satellite offering, but this time the art is on the facade of our studio building, Borenstein Galleries at 511 Royal Street in the French Quarter, just down the block from the official P.2 Historic New Orleans Collection venue. That means, 24 hour visitation though evening viewing is recommended. My work Imprint: A Call to Disarm, a site-specific installation for the building’s vestibule, springs from the act of daily collecting, in this case a multitude of obituaries of New Orleans gunshot victims, from the days when they put it as a cause of death in the newspaper. It is a public call to acknowledge this senseless loss of lives and to end the violence. Jana’s installation deals with Floodwall, comprised of hundreds of drawers put out for trash that she collected immediately after the Post-Katrina floods from neighborhoods all over New Orleans and assembled into a Maya Lin-like memorial, which has been exhibited internationally and will be burned at the bonfire on the Algiers Levee at 8 p.m. on the evening of December 3.Mark your calendars to open the new year with RAW curated by Sharon Jacques and Luis Cruz Azaceta at Homespace Gallery in the St. Claude Arts District. SCAD openings are always the second Saturdays of each month.

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Maidment, Brian E. . Manchester, U.K., and New York: Manchester University Press, 1996. Pp. xv + 190; illus.; index. [Chp. I is an methodological introduction on balancing perspectives of art history and of social history; Chp. II involves prints on the burning of the Albion Mill, Southwerk, 1791; other chapters focus on 19C materials but are relevant for their discussion of interpretative method.]

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12.18.39 Obituary. Former Conservative Senate Leader, Dies Photo: W. B. Willoughby, brother of J.A. Willoughby – family history related. (Photocopy of newspaper clipping.)

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A magnificent feast for the eye, "Ars Sacra" presents its reader with unforgettable vistas of Christian art history and accomplishment.

The Shadows That Run Past
Rachel A.

A Thesis Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies

18.02.04 Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records Vol 38 1948 p 7-18 The Provincial Agent for Upper Canada (William M. Halton) by George W. Spragge (14 pages, photocopy)

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That near fatal incident remains imprinted on her brain to trust no one even her kind as she conceals from both species what she truly is.

In the real final frontier of the Alaskan wilderness, Kenzie is driving towards a locale near Chistochina where she has permission to dig for Ahtna tribal artifacts.


Thackray, J. C. A. . London: Society for the History of Natural History, on behalf of the Natural History Museum, London, 1998. Pp. xix + 174. [Guide to prints as well as papers, drawing, and photographs.]

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He draws us to his historical, artistic exemplars, and discusses market and technological driven change, and the individuals and artists that were both its product and its agents from the start.

For example the illustration from page fifty with the caption, "A submarine periscope produces a threatening space in Winsor McKay's The Sinking of the Lusitania (1918)" acted as a pointer to take us to the cartoon itself on YouTube which on an essential level, still carries the great emotional impact of 1150 lives lost to two torpedo's from German submarine U39 less than a half hour within sight of the coast of Ireland.

Even ninety five years after the event, t this first example of a technology enhanced wholesale murder of civilians maintains poignancy in way that stress the limits of verbal or typographic expression.