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According to , Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government and Harvard Environmental Economics Program Director, “The submissions for this year’s suite of four prizes demonstrated great creativity, excellent research skills, and impressive writing. I’m pleased to say that this made it difficult for the judges to select the winners.”

The prizes were judged by a committee of four faculty fellows of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program and HUCE faculty associates: , Harvard School of Public Health; , Harvard Kennedy School; , Department of Economics; and , Harvard Business School. The prizes were supported by the Enel Endowment for Environmental Economics at Harvard and the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Foundation.

A document explaining how the Department of Economics calculates honors recommendations is available from the Undergraduate Office.

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A more complete description of the economics department and its requirements can be found in the handbook, Undergraduate Economics at Harvard: A Guide for Concentrators, available .

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Senior year: Students who elect to write a thesis enroll in Economics 985 (two terms) or Economics 990 (two terms). Economics 990 is usually reserved for students who are completing their theses in the fall term.

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Students concentrating in economics begin, ordinarily, in their freshman year, with Social Analysis 10, the full-year introductory course in economics. Because marginal conditions hold a central place among economists' analytical tools, prospective economics concentrators who have not already covered the material in high school should also enroll in the first term of calculus, a prerequisite for the next level of required courses. Students who have already covered this material may choose to continue their study of mathematics in order to prepare for courses that assume familiarity with more advanced topics in mathematics or for graduate study in economics.

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Beyond these foundational courses, all concentrators are required to take at least three additional half-courses in the economics department. Honors candidates can choose either to write a senior thesis or to take advanced coursework beyond these three half-courses. The specific requirements are listed below.

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In recent years, approximately thirty percent of Economics concentrators have chosen to write a senior thesis. Senior thesis topics usually spring from a question of interest first raised in a field course. Students are therefore strongly advised to take courses before their senior year in areas in which they might want to write their theses. Many theses have subsequently been published in some form. The economics department encourages all students to think seriously about writing a thesis, as the thesis experience can be a useful capstone to four years of study. However, concentrators may still be recommended for Honors in Economics (as opposed to High Honors or Highest Honors) without writing a thesis by participating in the concentration’s advanced course track.

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Undergraduates are welcome in graduate courses and often do well in them. Because coverage of the professional literature is a primary objective of such courses, they are, as a rule, very demanding and time-consuming for undergraduates.