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Experience with electric prostheses for the partial hand presentation: An eight-year retrospective.

Advanced Arm Dynamics - Finger and Partial Hand Options

But returning sensory input from an artificial hand is a newer trick. To do so, the researchers implanted a suite of electrodes into two nerves embedded in the muscles of the subject’s upper arm. Electrodes sunk into the ulnar nerve carried sensory information from the subject’s prosthetic pinky finger to the brain—mimicking the routing that had once existed between his real little finger and his brain. Electrodes emplaced in the medial nerve became the conduit for tactile information from his prosthetic thumb and pointer (also called the index) finger—again, reproducing a pattern of signaling that had once existed between his original hand and his sensory cortex.

Jiang, “A Myoelectric Controlled Partial-Hand Prosthesis Project,” in proc.

Amputation of the Hand or Finger and Prosthetics

The new control system works with a direct link to nerve endings and muscles in the patient. The system should provide more natural control of the arm because it allows the patient to feel what the hand is doing.

Italian scientists have developed a prosthetic hand that can capture sensations.

Grab your EasyVR shield and your arduino uno. Pop the EasyVR shield onto the arduino uno, be careful not to bend any pins. Take the EasyVR microphone and if it isn't connected already locate the pins that say 'Mic' and plug it in. Now that you have the correct software installed and prepped go ahead and open a new arduino sketch in the old 0023 IDE. In the upper left click 'File' and go down to 'Examples' hover your mouse over 'EasyVR' and in the options that pop out select 'EasyVRBridge'. Upload this program to your arduino by clicking the upload button. Your EasyVR is now ready to be trained so go ahead and open the EasyVR Commander program. In here you can add/train commands to your fancy. In order to use my full code you will need to add certain commands in a certain order. Click on the first 'Group' over on the left hand side. There should currently be no commands in it. Go ahead and click 'Add Command' in the tool bar near the top of the program window. Do this for each of the programs I will list below, be sure to type the same names in the same order! Optional: You can also train another trigger command, do it the same way as the commands but just click in the 'TRIGGER' group and train the word 'JILL'.


Next you will have to train the EasyVR to know your voice for these commands. Click on the first command 'TEST' and then in the toolbar near the top of the window select the 'Train Command' button and a window will prompt you to click 'Phase 1' and then speak the word clearly into the microphone. My advice is just say the words normally about six inches from the mic, sometimes I'd find myself over-pronouncing words and when I actually tried to use them I wouldn't say MOUSSSSSEEEE, I'd just say mouse. After 'Phase 1' it'll prompt you for 'Phase 2' and then after that the word should be successfully trained. Repeat for each command. After the training you can click the 'Test Commands' button in the toolbar and it'll prompt you to say a word on your list and then highlight the corresponding word. Scary! Big brother may be listening...

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These stages are filtering, amplifying, rectifying and the microcontroller interpreting the signal in order to the control the prosthetic hand.

Michelangelo prosthetic hand — Ottobock USA

The initial fitting of an upper limb prosthesis can be a frustrating experience for amputees, impairing the learning of prosthesis control. Therefore, the prosthesis manufacturer Otto Bock in collaboration with Vienna University of Technology developed a Virtual Reality environment in which tasks can be trained in order to continuously motivate the amputees to practice their control skills without taking risks. optical motion capture system, developed by Vienna UT, is used to track the amputee's arm and head movement to allow for 3D input and correct visualization of the virtual environment in a head mounted display. Along with the tracking data, electromyography is used to generate input for grasping control of the virtual prosthesis, creating a realistic simulation. Tracking data of iotracker and electromyography is fed into , an Augmented Reality Framework for Distributed Collaboration. ARTiFICe maps the tracking data to the virtual objects, using Unity3D game engine for networking, real time rendering and object’s physical behaviour.

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The subject began refining his use of the prosthetic hand almost immediately, and the researchers observed clear signs of growing “sensitivity” within a week of his trying the user control loop for the first time.

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I do own a cosmetic prosthesis that can get wet. In the past, I thought it represented a rejection of my identity as a disabled person, but now I’m thankful that my parents pushed me to have it made. After seeing how much the Bebionic has enriched my life, I decided to give the cosmetic prosthetic another chance with a different perspective: for fun! I no longer see wearing a prosthesis as an admission that I feel insecure without it, but as a lighthearted accessory. I’ve adorned it with black nails, jewelry, and tattoos. Now I see it as an extension of my style, instead of the way I used to see it—as an attempt to look "normal." A skimpy bathing suit paired with my cosmetic arm make me feel unstoppable.