She could feel the water rushing from the hose and grinned.

Hearing his sharp intake of breath she grinned and flicked the other ball.
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Finding the size large she grinned and took it off the rack.

An Oxford University student killed himself after being told his doctorate thesis wasn't up Suicide over PhD 'shame' 00:00 was clearly not very happy".

Pushing the head of his cock against her he grinned and thrust in hard.
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the teeth bared and grinning with an expression of unendurable agony.

”’You lie!’ I said, and my hands were busy helping the others bind him upon a horse. Why did I do it? I don’t know. A false education, I reckon, one false from the beginning. I saw his black face glooming there in the half light, and I could only think of him as a monster. It’s tradition. At first I was told that the black man would catch me, and when I got over that, they taught me that the devil was black, and when I had recovered from the sickness of that belief, here were Jube and his fellows with faces of menacing blackness. There was only one conclusion: This black man stood for all the powers of evil, the result of whose machinations had been gathering in my mind from childhood up. But this has nothing to do with what happened.

Grinning she moved the nozzle up to her opening and slid it easily within the girl
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Setting the sound down she picked up his PA jewelry and moved back to the head of his cock rubbing him and grinning at his eyes squeezed shut in concentration.

Grinning down at him she unclenched the tubing and allowed the flow to flow into him.
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To have lost her leg and have to relearn life and come out on the other side as happy and accomplished as she was, was not an easy feat and she knew she had to thank her husband for it.

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She grinned in the mirror as she caught her reflection seeing the sexy woman she was before turning grabbing a key off the desk and heading down stairs.

“Grinning and Happy” Key Structure: 1. Joy Kogawa …

It's not how it was." (26) Literacy Devices Similies "Thin-as-a-cotton-dress" (14)
"where we rotate like chickens on a spit" (14)
"She is moving like a tiny earth cloud" (19)
"Denim-blue sky with clouds clear as spilled milk that turn pink at sunset" (23) "Maddening sun" (16)
"The camera phone does not sing" (24) "The whole field is an oven" (16) Metaphor Personification Repetition "weeding and weeding and weeding" (19) Onomatopoeia "Whack" (19)
"Thwack" (22) Tone:
Tragic "I have been invaded by dust" (8)
"My fingernails are black from scratching" (8)
"There is no escape" (8) The Japanese camp workers were not
"grinning and happy." They worked in horrible conditions.

“Grinning and Happy” Key Structure: 1

Let me sit and read it while you fetch me some ice water.” Sam said as she stood and let him have just enough room to move knowing he would have to press against her if he wanted to pass.

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Your body knows what is right.” She spoke as she ripped her arms out of his and moved back sitting on the bed and crossing her legs as she looked up at him through her lashes. “You have two choices Gabriel… kick me out and you will NEVER touch me again or strip and kneel.” She demanded calmly her voice holding command and power in it.

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Letting him come to her she grinned as he pulled her wet body into his running her hands up his chest. He cupped her ass lifting her slightly as he walked them back against the warm wall.