Graphene-based materials : synthesis, ..

Graphene-based materials : synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications.

Synthesis, and Characterization of Graphene ..

Synthetic procedures and characterization data of all new compounds, crystal structure data for 1 and 6 (CCDC 966661 and 966662) (CIF file), optical properties of compounds 46c, cyclic voltammograms of compounds 6 and 6c, photographs under UV illumination, PL spectra, DSC thermograms, powder XRD patterns of 4 and 5 in different aggregation states, the changes of PL spectra of compounds 6 and 6c with different amounts of PA, fluorescence decay of 4, 6, 4c, and 6c aggregates against the concentration of PA, 1H NMR AND 13C NMR spectra, and MALDI-TOF of compounds 46c. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at .

Graphene-Based Materials for Stem Cell Applications

Graphene has emerged as one of the most exciting materials of the 21st century due to its unique properties which have demonstrated great potential for applications in energy storage, flexible electronics and multifunctional composites. This thesis has established a new technique for investigating the structure-property relationship of graphene-polymer nanocomposites at micro and nanoscales. The outcomes can help gain a fundamental understanding of the toughening mechanism in these novel nanocomposites and benefit the development of broad graphene based materials and devices.

Despite of the excellent electrical and thermal conductionproperties of graphene and carbon nanotubes, the advance ofnanoelectronics based on them has been hampered due to fundamentallimitations of the current synthesis and integration technologies ofthese carbon nanomaterials.