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Around about that time he was also Honorary Secretary of the CapeTown Branch of the General Botha Old Boys Association, successfully helping its early development.

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Two years later, in 1972, Rod Milne and Ron Hurdal of UW's Computer Centre, wrote a final version of the WATBOL compiler. It allowed AA/CS to teach data processing, a necessary skill for students enrolled in the Co-op program. At this time, there were no other compilers available to support the educational use of COBOL. The compiler provided fast compilation, and excellent comprehensive error diagnostics. It also ran on the 360 and 370 family of computers and was known as WATBOL.

In response to the rapid growth of computing among students at Waterloo, the TRACE program was developed in 1967 by Rod Milne to provide better debugging facilities for machine and assembly language programs (Cowan, Graham, Mackie 28).