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Graduate School Graduate School Fellowship Manual ; Requirements for Research and Thesis.

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Having a non-Purdue committee member adds an extra layer of bureaucracy to completing The Graduate School “Manual for the Preparation of Graduate Thesis”.

All Psychology graduate students should review Purdue Graduate Thesis Manual.

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When your committee agrees that you have produced a complete, nearly final copy of your manuscript, you must email the draft to Nancy Holland (). You must fill out and submit the to the Graduate School and it must be signed by the chair of your committee. The Graduate School will not review your work without the signed format approval sheet.

Revised August 2006 Purdue INP 1 The Interdepartmental Nutrition Program (INP) at Purdue University Graduate Manual: A Guide to Success.

Since then, the thesis preparation manual has revised to reflect changing dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a graduate degree at Purdue.

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The Format of your manuscript will be reviewed by a format advisor in the Graduate School and also by an outside reader. The advisor checks your work against Graduate School requirements and the requirements of your style guide if appropriate. The outsider reader, along with the format advisor, spot-checks for misspellings and grammatical problems. This evaluation usually requires two to four working days; however, when deadlines are approaching, format evaluation may take a bit longer. Most students must make a few corrections or changes. The student should leave a telephone number or an e-mail address where he/she can be reached. If corrections need to be made, the Graduate School will ask to see a revised copy before granting approval to schedule the thesis defense.

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To assist you and your advisory committee in this process, the Graduate School has prepared an ETD Format Manual, one that deals with basic formatting and illustration preparation. Our goal is to help you produce a thesis that looks professional and makes the findings accessible to readers. We also hope that the thesis format recommended in this guide will facilitate publication of the work in a professional journal appropriate to the discipline.

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A master’s thesis as well as a doctor’s dissertation both represent a treatise that substantiates an original academic achievement by students during their graduate study. This manual has been prepared by the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS) at The University of Tokyo to aid students in writing their theses and dissertations. However, this manual merely sets forth the minimum format, whereas the content and length must be decided by you, under the supervision of your advisor. Also, using the proper mechanics and conventions of good English writing, including grammar and spelling, is solely your responsibility.