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Kyung Cha is an interior design student in Deborah Schneiderman’s Graduate Thesis class.

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Students pursuing the degree will apply to the Graduate School for admission to the ICT MS degree program. There is no preferred undergraduate degree program. Admission to the ICT MS degree program requires 1) a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; 2) a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on any prior undergraduate or graduate work, in both cases on a scale with A = 4.0; and 3) Graduate Record Exam scores, verbal: new exam 150 or higher OR old exam 400 or higher, quantitative: new exam 140 or higher OR old exam 450 or higher, and analytical writing 4.0 or higher. For the quantitative and analytical scores, applicants should meet at least one of the minimum scores. Applicants for whom English is not the native language must achieve a TOEFL score of 550 for the paper-based test (213 for computer-based test or 79 for the internet-based test). Students may take 500-level undergraduate courses, with the advice of faculty or staff, to remedy any deficiencies. Students who are admitted will be expected to complete online Microsoft Office trainings, available through the University at no charge, for Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint by the end of their second semester. These trainings serve a leveling function and help to ensure that students entering the graduate program possess baseline skills with general office productivity applications.

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Graduate applicants must submit a written statement (500–750 words) outlining their interest and goals in pursuing graduate study. Several programs suggest more specific ideas or written requirements as outlined below.

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Additionally, we offer a few qualified students a three-year course of study path, where they attend RISD as a graduate student in a preparatory year utilizing a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in preparation for the two-year MFA curriculum and thesis work. Faculty are able to advise during the interview stage on the most appropriate track for applicants.

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The Master of Design (MDes) in Interior Studies provides a design education focused on altering existing structures through interior interventions and adaptive reuse. The curriculum approaches subject matter through a sequence of design studios and core support courses that equip students with a body of knowledge for understanding design and its implementation. In addition, students in the MDes in Interior Studies program can also concentrate in Nature, Culture and Sustainability Studies through the Division of Liberal Arts.

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The Master of Design (MDes) for Exhibition and Narrative Environments explores these spaces through a unique curriculum that combines design studios and coursework in Interior Studies. In addition, students in this program engage in related studies through the RISD Museum as well as the Digital + Media, Graphic Design, and History of Art and Visual Culture departments.

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The MDes program involves a sequence of five design studios and core support courses designed to provide the requisite knowledge and understanding of design and its implementation so that graduates may practice as socially and environmentally responsible designers with a specialized knowledge and understanding of adaptive reuse. In the MA program, an intensive summer immersion is followed by one full year of study that culminates in a self-directed final project.

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Focused design research on an aspect of the interior design field that is most significant to each individual student is the focus of graduate thesis. With the guidance of thesis faculty, research and investigation aim to advance the theoretical, technical, material and/or formal state of knowledge in the field of interior design. Thesis projects, which culminate in both a design proposal and a supportive written text, involve rigorous analytical thinking, critical questioning and coherent project development. These explorations synthesize some of the most important issues relevant to the field today. An acute understanding of environmental impact, human health, behavior and perception, social responsibility, historical precedent, theoretical understanding, material investigation and artistic methodologies are explored. Innovative methods and designs result in these first thesis projects.