Thank you for basic that free good to learng inglish

so,I want to say that is really a good video for all learner…Thanks

it is really good way to improve my english language.

Good referencing allows us to check the foundations of your additions to the structure of knowledge in the discipline, or at least to trace them back to a level which we judge to be reliable.

Thanks for the useful video! Repetition is good way to learn real English!

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Great video teacher A.J. Hoge. A good advice to all of us. Repetition, maybe is the key, or one of those keys that will allow us to really speak english. Keep this work, you’ve done well and don’t forget to warn us about the publishing of the Learnrealenglish book ok? Success for all of you teachers!

HI Thanks for helping us to learn English well Thats very good vedio Thanks alot my name is omnia

in fact it is very good to concentrate a bout the repeatation since it is the key of success , however i would recommend to capitalize in the same product which we already bought to spread more convince about them. for myself i cant keep buying every new product whihc make moneyu overhead , and one more part i will feel more overwhelmed by many of thing i have to do and review . for exmaple i ahve bought till now four prodcut from you , learn real english, orginal english, power english and busines , all of these make me feel overwhelmed and when i am going to finish them , so it si coming as depressed factor not encouraging .

Thank you so much, for de video, it is very important, for to learn more the impontant language.

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When I listen your “real English” lessons,it seems to me that learning how to speak in English automatically, effectively and correctly is so easy… may be I should really try your method although I don’t have enough time to do it. I just love the English language and for me understand/speak english in a real conversation would be a real gift!

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Thank you so much, your lessons is very-very interesting. You make a good deal for many people who want to know english better. You give very useful advice. Thanks

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Hi everyone, thanks for another encouraging speech. Repetition helps very much in learning but 30 times??? Sometimes I can’t remember some words in my own language if i don’t use them often. Never thought that I need to repeat again and again to remember them well. Thanks for an unusual learning techniques even they are not easy. So many times of repeatition is make me smile.

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Hi Sir
Thank you so much I’m Sharmila from Sri Lanka. Now I’m improving my English knowlage day bt day by listening to your good teachings. I thought that English tIs a very difficult language but when I came to know about his lessons I knew that I was wrong.
Thank you very much Sir your doing a gret job for the people who ar finding difficult o talk good English.
God bless you


Hello, I hope you be well, because I’m join your class, comments and your conseil about how to learn english, and I’m feel that few a few I’m improve my conversation and learn a lot expression in english and more important, when I stay hearing I’m going to trainning all time long and this is very good, I feel you like to teach the people from a method simple and this is very important for us. Thanks a lot.

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Hi and thanks for ur help by showing the best and easier way in learning and improving the language, i hope one day i be able to talk as fluent as you.