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The nursery rhyme refers to the Black Death, one of the worst plagues of all time (Schladweller).

Plague is a disease that affects humans and other mammals.

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Black Death 3 Infection and migration Spread of the black death in Europe The plague disease, generally thought to be caused by Yersinia pestis.
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Boccaccio lived in Florence during the time of the plague and was a part of the twenty-five percent of Florentians who survived the “Black Death” or “Great Pestilence” as it was known at the time....

In the 1300s people were struck with a great plague, which has now been named “The Black Death”.

the symtoms include...
-Spliting head ache
High fever
-Swollen tongue
-Red and black sores around the neck, armpits and cructh areas
Death would soon follow.

A: Many of the doctors tried to find the cure for the Black Death but most of them failed
some ideas doctors had were...
-Victoms should bathe in vinegar and rose water and be put to bed
-Everyone should have a healthy diet (Bread, fruit and veg)
-Stay away from others and near a open fire so the smoke would clear the air

A: In 2 years around about 25 million people had been killed by the Black Death
and in 10 years 1/3 of Europes population had died.

A: The Black Death started in China and Africa and arrived on the shores
of Europe by sailors returning from the Black Sea.

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Throughout history, the bubonic plague proved ...

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She died of the plague a few weeks ago.

Unlike Thucydides claim on plague symptoms, Procopius says “For there ensued with some a deep coma, with others a violent delirium, and in either case they suffered the characteristic symptoms of the disease....

The Bubonic Plague wasn’t the longest epidemic.

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Another name for the Black Death is the plague.

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It will also show some changes that were made because of the plague.

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Also theories will be shown of how the plague came about.

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