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You may also sort these by color rating.I am trying to write a research paper on the causes of Homeless Youth.

The book has much strength in terms of the content, and one can understand how the government and the organizations involved in the discussed issue intend to tackle the problem. Including factual information such as the funding of the program, research information showing the condition of the veterans serves as a strength in creating awareness to the program, and showing the steps the government is taking illustrates its responsibility to its people. The information is very reliable since the evidence of the main issues such as the steps taken and the condition of the problem are taken from researches that have been conducted in the past. From the book, one can draw conclusion that the right measures are being taken, and that the issue is being addressed. However, the book has a weakness in terms of the content being repeated too much times in the book, although it can be understood since it is a report of a hearing, where all speaker talk about the same topic.

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The book addresses the issue of homelessness, among veterans of America who served in the wars, especially in Vietnam, where majority of the homeless veterans served in. The book is a detailed report of the agenda discussed by the committees that are jointly involved in addressing the issue, which are the transportation, housing, urban development, military construction and veteran’s affairs subcommittees that met to discuss the issue of homeless veterans. The chairperson, Senator Murray opens the meeting, which is a hearing, with a brief summary of the issues and statistical information about the agenda, where she says that about 200,000 veterans are homeless, while around 300,000 experience homelessness at one time in the year.

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Using that math, 120 pages would be about 24,000 words. . footnotes, this thesis is likely to be somewhere between 66 and 75 pages in length. I agree with Rich, that a good average for double spaced, size 12 font (which

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Since the war started, many veterans return home from the battlefields, some being service providers, and majority being soldiers. The joint hearing aims to address a smooth transition of soldiers to a civilian life, putting into consideration that quite a good number of this people return home with psychological and physical distresses, and may hinder them from living a normal life that they lived before. The joint committees presented detailed report on the progress that is being made to address the issue, where majority say an effort has been made, yet it is far way from achieving the goal, and they also presented monetary figures allocated towards the course of providing needs to the veterans. The author of the book, who in this case is the United States government, aims to answer how this problem will be solved, and questions are asked during the hearing.

He had a strong thesis statement and three good main points.

Claims typically fall into one of four categories. Thinking about how you want to approach your topic, in other words what type of claim you want to make, is one way to focus your thesis on one particular aspect of your broader topic.