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That is why it does not matter how long the magma was in the volcano before it erupted.

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The scientific method is limited to those phenomenawhich can be observed or measured. For example, what existed priorto the Big Bang and the known universe is outside of the realm of scienceto investigate.

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The hypothesis says an enormous supervolcano eruption occurred around the same time as humanity's biggest bottleneck. from the late 1990s and early 2000s suggested that this eruption, on Sumatra in Indonesia, blocked the sun across much of Asia, causing a harsh volcanic winter and a 1,000-year-long cooling period on earth.

Genetic bottlenecks can also cause what is known as the founder effect, where small, isolated populations drastically diverge from the original population. As humans spread across the planet, scientists believe that our population experienced multiple bottlenecks and, as a result, a kicked in to create the diversity we currently see in the human race today.

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Keith Kelly looks at examples of the language of hypothesis, prediction and conditions from the area of geography, covering common structures and lexical phrases.

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Making a soda-bottle volcano is a classic science experiment that doubles as a great excuse to make an explosive mess. There are multiple combinations of materials that will lead to a fun explosion. Two of the classic soda-bottle volcanos are made with soda and Mentos (which can produce eruptions of up to 18 feet if done correctly) or baking soda and vinegar combo. Gathering a few household items can lead to a fun afternoon of volcanic explosions in the backyard.

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Learn how to get good topic ideas by thinking about what you enjoy, what you're really curious about, asking questions, and turning a hobby into a project.

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Our results also substantiate validity of the 40Ar/39Ar method in establishing the eruptive histories of populated active volcanic regions, where such information is vital to volcanic hazard assessment.