(due March 2010) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds, ....

MSc/MLitt in History in the School of Humanities at the University of Glasgow, UK, ...

Scottish History, University of Edinburgh ...

Beverley Ferguson, The University of Edinburgh
Current project: Beverley’s PhD will explore issues surrounding teenage parents and look at what support systems would be required to enable teenagers to continue in education after their baby is born.

(2015) PhD Thesis (University of Konstanz Germany (University of Glasgow ...

PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow Steven J.

Kristina Saunders, University of Glasgow
Current project:
Qualitatively exploring how women make and experience reproductive decisions in a supposed age of choice. This study will explore the connections between wider theoretical debates and structures regarding individualization and neoliberalism, and the lived realities of women’s lives and decision making.

2012 University of Glasgow, Scotland; BA, History, 2011 University of South ...

- digital andanimation artist.
- well-traveled artist and recipient of a Shaffer Fellowship at Syracuse University where he trained in the Master of Fine Arts Printmaking program, creates at Esplanade, showed at Utterly Art.
- born 1983: NAFA 2004, showed at Chope-a-seat.
John Bullock - British educator and painter who was resident and active in Singapore during 1959-1963.
- Singaporean artist who employs photographic methods in his ouvre; he is based in New York.
- his show at Jendala in 2004.
- abstract artist who was active in the eighties in Singapore, featured in Singapore Artists Speak.
- works with installation and photography, pursuing a PhD in Art in Curtin in 2003; a lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
- phD, main research field is the origin and development of visual representation and expression in early childhood, professor visual and performing arts at NIE.
John Tan - aceramist trained in art education.
John Tan Chor Yong - born 1933: NAFA alumni, and a trained lawyer whose students include Tommy Koh and Jayakumar, has held solo visual arts shows, and is primarily a jewelry designer currently.
- co-founder member of Modern Art Society in 1964.
- born 1941 Singapore: resident in Malaysia, painter and art educator whose color abstract works are displayed at the basement Ballroom foyer of Fullerton Hotel, represented by Shenns, trained at Hornsey College of Art, attended University of London, and Indiana University.
- website: multi-media artist who draws inspiration from architectural and dynamic natural systems, known for work .
Jonathan Chan - RMIT Masters of Fine Art, participates in in 2003.
Jonathan Yip - artist.
- born 1971: controversial performance artist who, at age 22, whipped tofu and snipped off his pubic hair in a show of artistic comment on the caning of homosexuals by the Singapore authority, reporting of the landmark performance on 1993 Dec 31,1994 New Year's Day, ironically, now reviewed by the authorities to be a prodigal son - talented nonetheless and able to contribute to the drive to make Singapore an art hub,
Josephjne Chang Min Li - graduate of the Camberwell College of theArts, who creates works based on religious icons.
Joshua Yang - born Malaysia: majored painting and drawing at University of Huddersfield and Masters in Fine Arts at LaSalle, Singapore-trained civil engineer, works explore objects at the verge of obsolescence.

The 2014 prize was awarded to Jamie Kelly (University of Glasgow) for his ...

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Music - University of Glasgow

Naomi Partridge, The University of Edinburgh
Current project: Survivors experiences of dissociating in therapy sessions. Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse have dissociative experiences as a result of early trauma. Naomi’s research explores what such experiences are like for survivors when they occur within the context of the therapy sessions. It aims to add survivors’ voices to discussions of psychotherapeutic practice with trauma and dissociation.

Glasgow University Phd Thesis - …

Investigators: PIs: Gian Marco Campagnolo and Robin Williams (University of Edinburgh). Research team: Evi Giannatou and James Stewart (University of Edinburgh) and Michael Franklin (Goldsmiths College, University of London).

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Steve received his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Montana in 1979. That year he was appointed as Scientist of the National Institute of Amazon Research in Manaus, Brazil, where he directed research on tropical diseases. Steve joined Cornell University Medical College in 1980 as Assistant Professor of Medicine, continuing to work in Brazil as manager of the Cornell-Bahia program in International Medicine. He joined Seattle Biomedical Research Institute in 1984 where he worked until founding IDRI in 1993.

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I therefore hereby applyfor a PhD by publication." Any university that turned this down would layitself open to ridicule on the front pages of newspapers.

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, The University of Edinburgh
Current project: Person-Focused Approach in services for older people with intellectual disabilities: doing life story work with older people with mild or moderate intellectual disability.
The project will focus on life story work, service recipient’s reactions and the effects of knowing a person’s life story on the attitudes and practice of service providers.