(we have a destination after death - Genesis 25:8).

Along with the fall of man, God's promise of salvation or redemption is recorded (Genesis 3:15).

Halley's Bible Handbook comes to a similar conclusion:

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(we are here to have a relationship with God - Genesis 15:6) (3) Where am I going?

‘The Generations of the Heavens and Earth’ (2:4-4:26).

Preservation-There is also an indication in the book ofGenesis, that the people of God were preserving the knowledge of the word of God, on theseclay tablets in the book of Genesis itself. Speaking of Noah they wrote: "This sameshall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands,because of the ground which YHWH hath cursed" (Genesis 5:29). Notice their"work" the "toil of our hands."Its their work , the toil of theirhands. It is talking about two different things. Since these were men of God, they werepreserving the knowledge of the word of God on tablets.

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No one yet adequately understands the brain and its controlof human speech. Therefore, no one understands what manner ofphysiologic changes in the brain and central nervous system wouldbe necessary to cause different groups of people to associatedifferent sounds with any given concept. Perhaps future researchwill throw light on this phenomenon but, in the meantime, thereis no better explanation than that it was God who did "thereconfound their language, that they may not understand one another'sspeech" (Gen. 11:7).--Henry M. Morris, 1984).

“The age-old Hebrew and Christian tradition is that Moses, guided of God,

‘The Generations of Terah’ (11:27-25:11).

The source the different languages cannot be explainedin terms evolution, though the various dialects andsimilar languages within the basic groups are no doubt attributableto gradual diversification from a common source tongue. But themajor groups are so fundamentally different from each other asto defy explanation in any naturalistic framework.

‘The Generations of Ishmael’ (25:12- 18).

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‘The Generations of Isaac’ (25:19-35:29).

Can we use While recapitulating or To recapitulate in the place of In conclusion, at the time of sum up of essay , pls respond
To recapitulate,
While recapitulating,

‘The Generations of Esau’ (36:1-43).

1-Can I write in the second paragraph (no one can deny that _something general but related to the essay topic- )??
2-can I write : everything has to sides and the ….. is not an exemption
3- can I write :initially, there is an urgent need to shed the spotlight on this topic which is ……

‘The Generations of Jacob’ (37:2-50:26).

Therefore, if anthropologists insist on an evolutionary explanationfor the different languages, then they must likewise postulateextremely long periods of isolation and inbreeding for the differenttribes, practically as long as the history of man himself. Thisin turn means that each of the major language groups must be identicalwith a major racial group. Therefore, each "race" musthave had a long evolutionary history, and it is natural to assumethat some races have evolved more than others. This natural associationof racism with evolutionary philosophy is quite significant andhas been the pseudoscientific basis of a wide range of racistpolitical and religious philosophies that have wrought untoldharm and misery over the years.

"” (Halley’s Bible Handbook, p.58, emphasis added).

Thank you for your numerous guidance. Please, may I ask for other alternative phrases for academic writing task 1 in providing an overview. I only know “OVERALL”. Please are there others as overall seems to be used most often by candidates?