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One must concludethat the Sagnac effect contradicts Einstein's hypothesis of GeneralRelativity.

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So far we have nothing new. What leads general relativity to make a different prediction from Newtonian theory is the geometric effect . Ordinary space in the vicinity of the sun has a slight curvature that leads to expectations. Light propagating near the sun will fall towards the sun, deviating from straight line motion. However the straight lines from which it deviates are themselves slightly bent. More precisely, they are bent in relation to what we would expect if the geometry of space around the sun were Euclidean.

Textbooks with good summaries of the experimental basis of relativity are:

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"I attach special importance to the view of geometry, which I have just set forth, because without it I should have been unable to formulate the theory of relativity. Without it the following reflection would have been impossible: in a system of reference rotating relatively to an inertial system, the laws of disposition of rigid bodies do not correspond to the rules of Euclidean geometry on account of the Lorentz contraction; thus if we admit non-inertial systems on an equal footing, we must abandon Euclidean geometry. Without the above interpretation the decisive step in the transition to generally covariant equations would certainly not have been taken."

The final steps to the theory of general relativity were taken by  and  at almost the same time.

In retrospect it is of these theses are vindicated by general relativity. Each remains a matter of debate, as is even the question of how properly to formulate them. Einstein's own presentations have complicated the assessment. His habit was to give expositions of the foundations of his theory that recapitulated the development of his own ideas in the process of discovery of the theory. The danger with such accounts is that we commit a version of the genetic fallacy. That A led Einstein to discover B does not entail that A is foundational or even compatible with B. He also changed the meaning of the principles he judged foundational to general relativity over time.

On 25 November  submitted his paper  which give the correct field equations for general relativity.

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Harrison is a specialist on endangered languages. This is a general introduction to the problem, with a great deal of material exemplifying linguistic diversity and linguistic relativity.

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After receiving their definitive analytic form from , 's axioms of motion were reworked by , , and into very powerful and general methods, which employed new analytic quantities, such as potential, related to force but remote from everyday experience.

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Albert Einstein introduced the world to Special Relativity inhis seminal 1905 paper: (“On the Electrodynamics of MovingBodies”). It is available in several forms:

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The model is an of the geometry of space near our sun. That is, it recovers the intrinsic curvature of a two-dimensional sheet of space-space by the extrinsic curvature of a model surface bending into a higher dimensional, Euclidean space. The model captures an important geometrical fact about the space around our sun--that it is no longer exactly Euclidean. It is one of the most frequently built models in the context of general relativity.

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The socio-economic, spiritual and political consequences of these ideas is NOT, repeat NOT the subject matter of Requiem for Relativity The Collapse of Special Relativity. On the contrary, the book is about the science of relativism in its most famous theory. Ranging from the ancient Ptolemaic and Aristotelian models of the Greeks, the book rapidly guides the reader to the ideas of Copernicus and Kepler (elliptical planetary orbits) up to the classical ideas of Galileo Galilei.

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Note, however, that SR is not perfect (in agreement with every experiment), and thereare some experiments that are in disagreement with its predictions. See where some of these experiments are referenced and discussed. Itis clear that most, if not all, of these experiments have difficulties that are unrelatedto SR. Note also that few if any standard references or textbooks even mention thepossibility that some experiments might be inconsistent with SR, and there are alsoaspects of in the literature. That beingsaid, as of this writing there are no reproducible and generally accepted experiments thatare inconsistent with SR, within its .