Clustering Binary Data Streams with K-means ACM DMKD 2003.[7].

Finally we propose a fuzzy approach of multi-type relational data clustering FC-MR.

Y-Means is an improvement over Kmeans that eliminates empty clusters.

Fuzzy clustering of the expression data along seed development series. The six clusters showing the expression patterns during Arabidopsis seed development. The gene expression values were standardized to have a mean value of zero and a standard deviation of one for each gene profile. The transformed expressions were then clustered using the fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering algorithm implemented in the Bioconductor Mfuzz package []. Based on preliminary analysis, we found six clusters can well represent different expression patterns inherent in the dataset, and another FCM parameter m = 1.75. A membership value in the range of 0-1 was assigned in clustering and the cluster cores consisting of genes with membership value > = 0.90 were coloured pink.

Nigde 51200,Turkey "Comparison Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and PID Controls For TCSC Using MATLAB"

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LinkFCM is then formulated by incorporating relation into the well known fuzzy c-means approach, so that both types of data are considered in clustering.

The Fuzzy graphs are obtained from a matrix of size n and then they are used to encrypt an image.

Experimental results show that this proposed algorithm is more efficient and robust.

Key words: Fuzzy graphs, fuzzy mappings, image encryption, image processing, membership functions.

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An Application of Fuzzy Clustering on Prevalence of …

The proposed mathematical model is then studied by means of computer simulation for different voltage amplitudes of the grid voltage as well as the inverter output voltage.

Key words: grid-connected inverter, PLL, trigonometric transformations

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To the best of the authors knowledge this novel multi criteria decision analysis or fuzzy logic approach of optimized selection of hydro turbine blade material for small hydro power generation is absent in material science for renewable energy literatures due to its assessment complexity.

Key words: Fuzzy logic; hydro power plant; engineering material selection; Multi Criteria Decision Analysis; MCDA

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What is the difference between K-Means and Fuzzy-C Means ..

This means that it can be transported and stored as liquid and burnt as gas.

Key words: LPG cylinder, Stress, Deformation, FEM modeling.

1) Determination of stresses of LPG gas cylinder by finite element method, Mrs.

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Our appraisal of the literature suggests that the interface between material science and engineering and artificial intelligent systems or multi criteria decision analysis or fuzzy logic technique, is still blur.