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units worth of activities to teach DNA/ RNA/ and protein synthesis

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This activity will help students understand the role of DNA, mRNA, tRNA, and amino acids in protein synthesis. This activity will also introduce the concept of mutations.

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Students investigate the effects of molecule size on diffusion across a synthetic selectively permeable membrane. This investigation includes a brief introduction to osmosis. Additional questions introduce students to the roles of proteins in transporting polar substances across the cell membrane and guide students in analyzing the relative advantages of two different types of model of the cell membrane. (NGSS)

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In this activity, students first learn about the structure and functions of starch and protein and the basics of how starch, amino acids and proteins are synthesized. Then, students learn about scientific investigation by carrying out key components of the scientific method, including developing experimental methods, generating hypotheses, designing and carrying out experiments to test these hypotheses and, if appropriate, using experimental results to revise the hypotheses. Students carry out two experiments which test whether starch and protein are found in some or all foods derived from animals or plants or both. (NGSS)

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