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A new approach to fulminic acid cycloadditions has been developed

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After a test (for aldehyde, for exampIe) has been made with ammoniacai silver nitrate solution, the Iiquid ought promptIy to be washed down the sink, and all insoIubie matter Ieft in the vesseI ought to be dissolved out with dilute nitric acid.Silver fulminate is so sensitive and so dangerous to handle that it has not been used far practical purposes in blasting or in the military art.

Fulminates can be formed from metals, such as silver and mercury, dissolved in nitric acid and reacted with alcohol.

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The vapors also are toxic.Fulminic acid was discovered by the English chemist Edward Howard, who first prepared and investigared the compound in the form of its mercury and silver salt in 1800.

Silver fulminate (AgCNO) is the highly explosive silver salt of fulminic acid

For two hundred years it has been only useful as a curiosity explosive in toys and tricks.Silver fulminate is prepared by the reaction employed in the preparation of Mercury Fulminate, by reacting a solution of silver in nitric acid with alcohol.

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The efforts were continued leading to the development of the series of hydroxyiminoformyl isoxazoline and their 21-acetate derivatives (56). Similar method as in was employed. Slow in situ generation of fulminic acid in THF-H2O in absence of a dipolarophile yielded a trimer and a tetramer via the unstable intermediates. Quenching the reactive intermediates by a dipolarophile competing with the cyclization process would lead to a corresponding cycloadduct. Therefore the optimization of temperature and reaction time to trap the fulminic acid dimer is vital to obtain a high yield of the target compounds (52). 1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of fulminic acid dimer at 4°C to the olefins (53) afforded the corresponding oxime derivatives (56) along with several minor side products, which are not shown ().

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The novel 16α,17α-d-isoxazoline derivatives of anti-inflammatory steroids (54) were synthesized via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of fulminic acid to the corresponding olefins (53). The fulminic acid was prepared from mercuric fulminate and bromotrimethyl selane in anhydrous ether under nitrogen. The reaction is highly regio- and stereo-selective and no isomer was detected ().,

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To synthesize the 17-hydroxy-16-carboxyesters, the corresponding 16-nitrile is the crucial intermediate, synthesis of which is one of the most challenging steps. Formerly it had been prepared with triethylamine from isoxazoline intermediate which in turn obtained by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of fulminic acid (HCNO) to the olefin 28, where an oxime always remained as significant side product. The reaction was later modified to effect a one step conversion of highly dipolariphilic olefin (28) with metal fulminate to the corresponding α-hydroxy-β-cyano adduct (37) ().