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Far from receding, this frontier remained a permanent feature of New England until the 1760s.Turner also neglects the western and southern frontiers of New France, which had a direct bearing on the course of colonial American history.

and there has, naturally, been a strong outcry against such a characterization

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So if one player makes an argument that he is attacking the town with his troops and the other player makes an argument that he is improving the defences, the arguments are judged normally. If the attack argument fails, the attack does not take place at that time, and there is no conflict. If instead one player argued he was attacking, and the other player argued that the attacker ran away, it would be a Logical Inconsistency (since they both can't be true) and would be resolved in turn order.

Yet the frontiersman, as Turner recognized, was an idealist as well asa materialist.

It is the sober, less dramatic businessof administering resources and plants already in hand, of seeking to reestablishforeign markets for our surplus production, of meeting the problem of under-consumption,of adjusting production to consumption, of distributing wealth and productsmore equitably, of adapting existing economic organizations to the serviceof the people, The day of enlightened administration has come." To Roosevelt,and to thousands like him, the passing of the frontier created a new erain history which demanded a new philosophy of government.

It alsohelped nurture in the pioneers an infinite faith in the future.

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The result was a constantdemocratization of institutions and practices as constitution-makers adoptedthe most liberal features of older frames of government with which theywere familiar.

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And yet, in spite of this opposition of the interests of the trader and the farmer, the Indian trade pioneered the way for civilization. The buffalo trail became the Indian trail, and this became the trader's "trace;" the trails widened into roads, and the roads into turnpikes, and these in turn were transformed into railroads. The same origin can be shown for the railroads of the South, the Far West, and the Dominion of Canada. The trading posts reached by these trails were on the sites of Indian villages which had been placed in positions suggested by nature; and these trading posts, situated so as to command the water systems of the country, have grown into such cities as Albany, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Council Bluffs, and Kansas City.

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The lack of any nationalor external controls made self-rule a hard necessity, and the frontiersmen,with their experience in community cooperation at cabin-raisings, logrollings,corn-huskings, and road or school building, accepted simple democraticpractices as natural and inevitable.

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If, critics ask, some mystical forest influence was responsiblefor such practices as manhood suffrage, increased authority for legislaturesat the expense of executives, equitable legislative representation, andwomen's political rights, why did they not evolve in frontier areas, outsidethe United States-in Russia, Latin America, and Canada, for example-exactlyas they did here?

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In Russia, for instance, even though it promised no democracycomparable to that of the United States, the eastward-moving Siberian frontier,the haven of some seven million peasants during the nineteenth and earlytwentieth centuries, was notable for its lack of guilds, authoritarianchurches, and all-powerful nobility.