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On the Future of Scientific Communication
While Hypothesis solidifies a place in the landscape of scientific literature as a champion of provocative ideas, it will be affected by the same dramatic changes currently impacting the entire world of scientific communication. The decline of print journalism and rise of cutting-edge communication methods stands to impact science publishing in ways we can only speculate. Founding editor, Kus formulated the question that many in the industry are pondering: will scientific publishing be affected by the current revolution in social media? If so, how?

"One Founder/One Gene Hypothesis . . ." by E. Heyer

Founder effect hypothesis of D11Y SOD1 mutation in …

This year the senior editorial team of Hypothesis met and discussed the origins of the journal with three of its founding editors, Wissam Assaily, Bart Kus, and Mariano Loza-Coll. With a certain nostalgia, the founders revisited and explained the forces that drove them to create Hypothesis, including an aspiration to establish a forum for scientific discussion free of limitations inherent in the established scientific literature. Peering over the horizon, this year’s editorial also considers the future of the scientific publishing ecosystem and Hypothesis’s niche within it.

First, this entrepreneur assumes each of his ideas will fail - the null hypothesis. Then, he and his co-founder write down a set of milestones or metrics that if achieved or proven would imply the idea is a good one. These tend to be quantitative customer feedback metrics.