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According to the Florida Board of Regents Rule 6C-6.001(2) "...If determined not to be in the best interest of the University to admit an applicant because of past misconduct the University may do so." This authorizes universities to refuse readmission to applicants due to past misconduct. The University further requires the Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services or his/her designee to review all applications disclosing information regarding any prior criminal conviction or conduct problem at another institution and to make a decision as to whether the admission of this applicant will be in the best interest of the University. This statement describes the procedure and assigns responsibility for the review of these applica­tions for admission. Applicants who fail to disclose any prior criminal conviction or conduct problem at another institution and such fact is subsequently discovered by the University shall be denied admission or readmission, or other academic and/or disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

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She also provides an excellent lesson about acceptance in general: “accepting what is and learning from it is the first step toward a better future” (Borysenko 57).
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Language Requirement. Foreign language requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree vary from department to department. For specific details see departmental statements. These requirements should be completed early in the doctoral program. The Doctor of Education degree does not have a foreign language requirement.

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A prime example of the use of characters to give readers a positive message is in Mitch Albom’s novel,
The Five People You Meet In Heaven
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Within his book, Albom uses three
specific characters, Ruby, The Captain, and Eddie, to teach the importance of three specific qualities, forgiveness, sacrifice, and acceptance.