... synthesis rare chemicals from the area of organic chemistry - [e]

We have been in Synthetic Mica industry for about 10 years.

Specialists in Organic Synthesis & Medicinal Products - [e]

IDB will develop synthetic chemistry for the advanced key intermediate for the new generation carbapenem compounds.

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Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca and privately held US-based FOB Synthesis have entered into collaboration to develop a new antibiotic treatment targeting drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Auftragssynthesen und Auftragsforschung, Tätigkeitsfelder und Produkte: GMP-Entwicklung, GMP-Produktion, Pharmaka, Generika, Referenzsubstanzen, Bio-Anorganik, Bio-Metalle, Neuroaktive Wirkstoffe, Peptide, Forschungschemikalien, Mikrobiologische Untersuchungen etc. - [d, e]

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FOB Synthesis is a custom synthesis firm focusing on chemistry driven drug discovery. The company develops new therapeutic agents to treat life-threatening infectious diseases. Astra Zeneca is a biopharmaceutical business which develops and commercializes prescription medicines in different fields such as neuroscience, cardiovascular, oncology, and infectious diseases.

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Specialized in chemical custom synthesis of novel and rare organic compounds in the scale from mg to kg quantities. More than 5000 building blocks for organic synthetic chemistry; 29,000 screening structures for HTS are available from stock - [e]

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ist ein Produzent organischer Feinchemikalien mit Spezialisierung in gefahrgeneigte Reaktionen auf exklusiver Basis und bietet unter anderem die Auftragssynthese hochwertiger organischer Zwischenprodukten für die pharmazeutische, elektronische und feinchemische Industrie an - [d, e, ru]

provides an improved method of synthesis of beta-methyl ..

The following list shows providers of services in the field of chemical and natural sciences research and development as well as individual chemical syntheses: contract research and order synthesis.

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is specialized in the research, development and production ofsynthesis and extract products which have widely used in cosmetic , pharmaceutical an food fields,as well as closely cooperating with 5 plants.

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Examples of contract research are the synthesis of special chemical compounds (order synthesis), the development of synthesis strategies, reactions and processes, fundamental research, etc. Special firms carry out orders of chemical analysis (see ) or the or deal with the conception of ().