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There is one thing you must always remember, electrical safety always leads to fire safety.

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The International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering towards methods for risk assessment, in fire and provide a quantitative assessment.
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You are required to submit a completed Risk Assessment Form with your Formal Research Proposal.
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Fire becomes hazardous in relation to the health and safety of the employees and patients in case management of the health facilities fails to integrate fire safety measures. These precautions are vital in the prevention of the adverse damage that might result form fire incidences. Lack of the precautions puts the lives of the medical practitioners in danger thus affecting the patients directly and indirectly. Some of the potential effects of the fire incidences within the hospitals include destruction of properties, loss of lives n relation to patients and medical practitioners, incapacitation of the employees, and psychological influences in the context of the relatives of the employees and patients. The likelihood of this hazardous condition developing within the health facilities depends on the lack of precautions by the management and training of the medical practitioners on effective handling of the situation (Kunders, 2007).

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Collision in factories becomes hazardous condition when it results in to injury to employees or visitors to the factory as an environment. Ineffective management of the collision in factories would result in adverse conditions, in relation to health and safety of the employees and the individuals within this context. Employees are at the risk of colliding with the machines or plants within the factory thus putting their safety and health at risk while serving within these workplaces. It is ideal for the factories to adopt and implement various mechanisms towards the management of the collision risks within the workplaces. This is vital in the elimination or minimization of the extent of the injury or effects on the health or safety of the individuals. Collision within factory affects employees in most cases because they spend the majority of their time within these places. Visitors or researchers are also in eminent danger in relation to collision whenever they visit factories for supervision or study cases. This makes it vital for the management to adopt and apply quality mechanisms in the context of managing health and safety of the individuals. The potential effects of collision within the factories include incapacitation, loss of body parts, serious injuries, and loss of lives in adverse conditions. These cases will reduce the performance levels of the employees thus reducing the output of the factory. The occurrence of this hazard depends on the lack of mechanisms such as protective gargets for the employees. The likelihood of the occurrence of this hazard depends on the volume of work, interaction with the machines, and the lack of protective gargets (Gupta, 2006).

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The elevator operator saved as many as he could, but he had to stop running the elevator because the fire had spread too far to keep operating it safely.