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FemSkins are designed for the Transgendered, and they are anatomically correct. They are made of a soft flesh-like silicone rubber and the prosthetic bodysuit creates the perfect female form. The female genitalia, breasts and anus are super realistic.

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Since Kathy was in a crisis and they knew they had to hide the fact of Kathy’s hands to save her from embarrassment, Josie lobbied her orthopedic doctor and Kathy her prostheticist for help. The two professionals, who coincidentally were communicating though instant messaging on the internet, finally met each other fact to face and recognized each other as the subject matter seemed very oddly familiar to both, who were each recreational bracing and casting enthusiasts, since the discussion was not delivered in a professional way. The 2 agreed to help the girls go away for 6 weeks on a “rehabilitation trip” to the Virgin Islands for the length of time that Kathy was to wear her long arm casts. Josie would have her two long leg casts removed then reapplied on her legs upon arrival, so that she could assist Kathy while on the island of St. Thomas. The parents of Kathy were advised of the problem and they understood even though they realized that they were assisting in the general deception. They bought the airline tickets for 3 so that Kathy’s mother could go with the 2 girls.

After X-rays were taken, fractures were also seen just below the elbows and on 3 fingers. The female doctor advised Kathy that her arms would have to be put in long arm casts which would go from just below her armpits to the midpoint of her fingers and would cover both thumbs as well. Still numb from the shock of the trauma of the fractures, Kathy didn’t think of the consequences until her mom, who came to the hospital after being notified about the accident, was driving the two girls’ home. Everyone was sitting quietly in the car, saying nothing until the sudden realization about what the casts were going to do hit her. As the thought came to Kathy, she suddenly gave a blood-curdling scream. The surprise of the scream nearly caused her mother to lose control of the car!
Josie and Kathy’s mother thought something terrible had happened but then Kathy explained, ” I just realized I can’t go to school!!!. School starts in one week, I have to wear these casts for 8 weeks and everyone knows me as an amputee!

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A third type that has proved advantageous for this level of amputation is the polycentric (four-bar) knee. Although slightly heavier than the previous two types, this component offers maximum stance-phase stability. Because the stability is inherent in the multilinkage design, it does not erode as the knee mechanism wears during use. In addition, all polycentric mechanisms tend to "shorten" during swing phase, thus adding slightly to the toe clearance at that time. Many of the endoskeletal designs feature a readily adjustable knee extension stop. This permits significant changes to the biomechanical stability of the prosthesis, even in the definitive limb. Because of the powerful stability, good durability, and realignment capabilities of the endoskeletal polycentric mechanisms, they are particularly well suited for the bilateral amputee. Patients with all levels of amputation, up to and including translumbar (hemicorporectomy), have successfully ambulated with these components.

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Kathy said she was helping her aunt in a farm in upstate New York with a tree shredder and her arms were caught in it and she had them amputated just below her elbows when she was 12 years old. Josie felt sorry for her and Kathy felt the same way for poor Josie’s arthritis and their friendship grew so that they became best friends and went everywhere together. Josie always was in braces or casts and in a wheelchair or on forearm crutches and Kathy, of course, always had the hooks on.

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It came about later in the year, in school, as Josie was using her new wheelchair with elevating leg rests, and had both legs put in long leg casts for 3 months, that Josie was eating her favorite lunch, her peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwich, that she heard a sweet melodic female voice asking,
“can I sit here?”. Josie looked up and saw a pretty blonde girl, dressed in a schoolgirl uniform consisting of an above knee plaid skirt, and ankle sox and white shirt adorned with a bandana around the neck area. The girl smiled and extended what Josie was expecting would be a hand but, in her peripheral vision, saw instead a hook!