However, these atoms are smart and find a way to get what they want.

His aim was to show that the electron is a completely electromagnetic object.

An atom is made up of protons neutrons, and electrons.

A series of grandly expensive experiments have failedto find the necessary neutrino flux. Wouldn't a normally intelligent scientistnow stop and go back and ask if perhaps some other mechanism might be at the root ofthis energy production?Mainstream science has consciously turned a blind eye to the possibility of any otherenergy producing mechanism in the Sun.

The electrons can fit through smaller gaps in specimens creating a clearer magnified image.

It is made of "positive ions" (mostly protons), (mostly electrons).

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This difficulty can be removed only by eliminating the electron structurealtogether.

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According to (3),  0  0 implies   . (4)  This is the famous problem of the electron self-energy.

Failure of proton electron hypothesis

They suggested that energy was transferred from the beryllium radiation to the proton by a process similar to the Compton effect with electrons, and they estimated that the beryllium radiation had a quantum energy of about 50 x 106 electron volts.

Failure of proton electron hypothesis - advanced …

Firstly, it is now well established that the frequency of scattering of high energy quanta by electrons is given with fair accuracy by the Klein-Nishina formula, and this formula should also apply to the scattering of quanta by a proton.

Failure of proton electron hypothesis - …

In particular, its mass was to be the mass equivalent of its electromagneticenergy contents; its inertia, i.e., the inertial term in Newton's equationsof motion, was to be entirely due to its own electromagnetic field.

and this led to the failure of electron proton hypothesis

They werelater clarified and extended to fast moving electrons by Abraham and othersespecially after Einstein's special theory of relativity became accepted.

failed to explain by proton electron hypothesis.

The mass defect of the C13 nucleus is known both from data supplied by measurements of the artificial disintegration of boron B10 and from observations of the band spectrum of carbon; it is about 10 x 106 electron volts.

Proton Mobility and Electron Exchange in Aqueous Media ..

However, relativity was not applied to the theory in a consistent way and,consequently, the difficulty that the union of relativity and electron theorycould have removed, remained there for many years.