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In instances where it is possible that a participant may have an adverse reaction to the research procedure, for example, an adverse reaction that may be emotional, physical, or psychological, then the researcher should plan ahead for the provision of appropriate support to participants.

This might involve planning for the provision of a counseling service, medical referral, or other professional support in anticipation of a potential adverse event.

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A human research ethics application should include recognition and explanation of such a potential circumstance, and proposed contingency plans, where required.

Whilst such proposals may be ethically acceptable, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis having consideration as to whether the prize(s) could coerce or pressure someone into participating in a study.

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However, because science is limited by ethical considerations and scientific evidence is sometimes unavailable, then the most important basis should be physicians’ intuition influenced by their past medical experience....

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Medical practice should be based on science—specifically, scientific research focused on discovering medical treatments—, ethical considerations regarding the wellbeing of patients that limit science, and intuition.

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While these documents are helpful to loved ones and health care providers, there are a number of ethical considerations that can make the development and execution of advance directives difficult (Llama, 2...

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The application should be written in plain English, avoiding esoteric jargon wherever possible and providing explanation where technical terminology is required. (Remember that ethics reviewers are often drawn from diverse backgrounds and, whilst skilled in examining the ethical suitability of a research proposal, they may not be conversant with some of the technical aspects of your research.)

Please ensure that all documentation is free of errors. This is particularly important in the case of documents like the Participant Information Form (PIF) and Participant Consent Form (PCF) that will need to be provided to your prospective research participants.

Notwithstanding the effort that goes into constructing a strong ethics application, the most valuable research often involves numerous, sometimes subtle, ethics issues. As a result, the ethics approval process regularly involves iterations between researchers and ethics reviewers. This may require you to consult with other researchers and peers.

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A research should be planned to avoid misleading results and meet acceptability while the questions regarding ethical procedure should also be resolved. Furthermore, the researcher should ensure welfare and dignity of the subjects.

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Therefore, to maintain ethical considerations in a study, researcher need to maintain the certain elements, as stated by various scholars such as: