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In this thesis we presented, an efficient procedure that will help us eliminate common numerical difficulties in predicting three-phase equilibria for systems containing water, and simplify the programming technique.

The solid-liquid equilibrium of the same systems was measured with a visual method and a Differential Scanning Calorimeter.

Equilibrium in the Aqueous Phase 1) ..

Fluid Phase Equilibria, volume 299, number 1, pages 51-59.[Publication 3]: Claudia Dell'Era, Petri Uusi-Kyyny, Juha-Pekka Pokki, Minna Pakkanen, and Ville Alopaeus.

Phase equilibrium data sets for propane with nC32, nC36, nC38, nC40, nC44, nC46, nC54and nC60 as well as LP Gas with nC36 were measured.

Artificial s model: The aim of this study is applying RBF and MLP networks for numerical modeling very complex vapour liquid equilibria occurring in the aqueous solutions of electrolyte systems. Artificial s are not good at evaluating inputs that are out of 0 to 1 interval. They require all training targets to be normalized between 0 and 1 for training. Without normalization, the variable with the largest scale will dominate the measure. To resolve this problem, all of the parameters were normalized between 0 to 1. The input parameters for networks are liquid solution variables that were normalized applying the following equations.

In this respect, reversibletransformations occur when the system passes through a sequence ofthermodynamic equilibrium states.

Problems with the Ni-P equilibrium phase diagram

Fluid Phase Equilibria, volume 291, number 2, pages 180-187.[Publication 5]: Claudia Dell'Era, Anna Zaytseva, Petri Uusi-Kyyny, Juha-Pekka Pokki, Minna Pakkanen, and Juhani Aittamaa.

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Now we would like to have a concept of thermodynamic equilibrium for a vapor-liquid equilibrium. Let us consider a closed, heterogeneous vapor-liquid system. Any changes in a total property of the system will be the result of the changes of that property in the liquid phase plus the changes of that property in the vapor phase.

Phase Equilibrium Study in the CaO ..

We achieve mechanical equilibrium if two substances are found at the same pressure. No bulk movement of fluids takes place because there are no pressure gradients. A liquid and a vapor phase are in mechanical equilibrium when:

Phase equilibrium diagram of the system K2O ..

If two materials have the same temperature, we say that they are in thermal equilibrium. No exchange of heat takes places because there are no thermal gradients. For instance, a liquid and a vapor phase are in thermal equilibrium when:

The equilibrium phase properties of the propane …

Fluid Phase Equilibria, volume 293, number 1, pages 101-109.[Publication 4]: Claudia Dell'Era, Juha-Pekka Pokki, Petri Uusi-Kyyny, Minna Pakkanen, and Ville Alopaeus.

Phase equilibrium properties of binary and ternary …

The main aims of this project are to select a suitable supercritical solvent, to conduct binaryphase equilibrium experiments, to determine if the process is technically viable and toinvestigate the ability of various equations of state to correlate the phase equilibrium data.