There are four graduate programs in the English department:

Students who complete the Master of Arts in English will be able to:

Master’s Thesis Titles (Academic Year 2016-2017)

The opportunity to undertake a long research project or other appropriate project is available to students in the Master of Arts in English. Writing a thesis may be of particular benefit to those who contemplate further graduate work or who have a strong desire to pursue a single topic in great depth. Under the guidance of an advisor (a member of the graduate faculty), the student may earn six hours of credit for a completed, approved thesis.

ENG 700 Master's Thesis/Project (6)Department-approved elective (4)

The Master of Arts degree in English requires 30 credit hours and the passing of a comprehensive oral examination. No more than 12 credit hours on the 500 level may be counted toward a degree. An identifiable unifying principle is required for each student’s program.

During the first three weeks of the semester in which they intend to graduate, students must contact the graduate program director in English to schedule their comprehensive examination. The oral comprehensive examination covers each student’s particular program of study. Based on the courses taken by the student, the examination tests the student’s mastery of materials and concepts, interpretive skills, and ability to make critical distinctions and connections. The examination of a thesis student will also cover the thesis and its related areas. Students who fail the oral comprehensive examination may retake the test only once in a different semester. Students who fail a second time will no longer be eligible to receive the Master of Arts in English from Old Dominion University.

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So explore our Web site if you want to find out more about us and how our program may be the perfect one for you. If you are a high school student or a potential transfer student, call our Admissions Office to take a campus tour and come to visit with members of the department. If you are a current student, stop in at Irby 317 to talk about becoming an English major. Or send me an e-mail if I can answer any questions for you. If you really want an education instead of just putting in your time for four years, then a UCA English major may be just the thing for you.

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To be formally admitted to the Masters of Arts in English or the Masters of Arts for Teachers in English prospective students must hold at least a minor (18 credit hours) in English (a B.A. majoring in English is preferred). Please click to find additional information on application instructions and procedures for prospective students applying to the Fall 2018 term and all subsequent terms.

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Our department offers a straightforward Bachelor of Arts degree, or a Bachelor of Arts with Licensure for students interested in teaching secondary school. On the graduate level we offer a traditional Master of Arts degree, as well as a program for teachers focused on Diverse Literatures, with courses offered only at night and during the summers. Our graduates are trained for professional positions: the BA will give you a solid foundation for a wide range of careers by giving you experience in reading, thinking, and writing critically, and by providing you with the means of understanding and appreciating the literary expression of human ideas. Students leave our program with the critical-thinking and communication skills necessary to enter careers in teaching, in business, industry, journalism, and state or federal service. Or they go on to graduate or professional schools in English, law, journalism, business, or the ministry. With that in mind, you should also remember that recent studies have shown workers in today’s world change careers four times during their lives. A solid liberal arts background gives students the breadth of knowledge, perspective and the analytical skills for the lifelong learning necessary in such an environment.

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To be formally admitted to the Masters of Arts in English or the Masters of Arts for Teachers in English prospective students must hold at least a minor (18 credit hours) in English (a B.A. majoring in English is preferred). The following materials must be submitted for application consideration: