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Experience with endoflex: a monolithic thermoplastic prosthesis for below-knee amputees.

01/10/2007 · The Ortho Remedy Inc

We are the proud inventors and developers of a technologically advanced, yet cost effective, dynamic endoskeletal prosthesis. It is available for below-knee, above-knee, and pediatric amputees. The EndoFlex® design team has achieved dramatic improvements in the form of a prosthetic limb that is lighter weight (average 2.3 lbs); designed to reduce stress on the residual limb, and offer smooth, symetric gait.

Different names have been used for this kind of prosthesis, including endoflex [7], total thermoplastic prosthesis [8], and ultralight prosthesis [9].

The following items are included in your EndoFlex ..

The EndoFlex® design concept has been published in prosthetic journals and has gained industry-wide respect and acceptance from experts within the profession. We offer international courses and seminars to other practitioners interested in utilizing this technology in their own facilities. Practitioners may contact us for more information.

has instructed almost 300practitioners in the fabrication of the EndoFlex® prosthesis

The Ortho Remedy manufactures over 500 EndoFlexes® per year, which are delivered to our patients or fabricated for other prosthetic & orthotic facilities worldwide.

dynamic alignment and the delivery of a structurally complete EndoFlex® Prosthesis.