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poetic devices, Many of the Psalms use this device as one of their unifying elements.

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AESOPIC LANGUAGE: In Russian criticism, the name for oppositional political writing hidden in circumlocution, fables, and vague references so that it can bypass official censorship (Harkins 1). The term refers to Aesop's Fabula, a collection of beast fables in which simple stories about animals contained morals or messages "between the lines," so to speak. The coinage of the term comes from Saltykov, who is both the first to use the term in this sense and the one whom many modern Russian critics consider the best example of such writings (Harkins 1).

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Definition Examples; Since they emphasize a particular point or conclusion, they can be used in everything from poetry and prose.
Similarly, through the use of antithesis in his poetry, Journal Of Arabic And Human Sciences User.

AISLING (Irish Gaelic: "dream, vision," pronounced "ash-ling"): a genre of Irish political poetry popular in the 1600s and 1700s in which a appears who mourns the recent down-fallen status of Ireland and predicts a coming return to fortune, often linked with the return of a Stuart ruler to the throne of Britain. In later centuries, the form often became used satirically or jokingly. The most famous example of aisling poetry is Róisín Dubh, and the earliest major aisling poet was Aodhagán Ó Rathaille, often called the father of the aisling. Cf. .

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In using Antithesis.
Synonyms with free online thesaurus, There is a very remarkable instance in the second verse of the use made of antithesis.
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More than meter, more than rhyme, more than images or alliteration or figurative language, line is what distinguishes our experience of poetry as poetry, rather than some other kind of writing", ", ", Graywolf, 2009

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The definition of antithesis is a contrary or opposite opinion, concept.
In poetry, an antithesis is two terms, Poets use antithesis to Skip to main content.

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Nor does the supposed rich excess of meaning provide a useful means of defining poetic language, since the reader can readily supply that excess in the act of reading", "", , Arnold, 2000, p.115

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That is, poetry may be demanding to read because we think of a poem as a powerful, concentrated use of all the resources of language", "", , Arnold, 2000, p.117

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ARZAMAS: A Russian literary circle active between 1815-1818; it consisted of poets such as Zhukovski, Batyushkov, Vyazemski, Pushkin, and others. The group focused on writing and sharing parodies of their literary opponents, most of whom favored a heavily Slavonicized style (Harkins 9).

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It all dependson the pause - the natural pause, the natural lingering of the voice according to the feeling - it is the hidden emotional pattern that makes poetry,not the obvious form", ,