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The Electron Transport Chain occurs both in the process of cell respiration and photosynthesis

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The above illustration draws from ideas in both Moore, et al. and Karp to outline the steps in the electron transport process that occurs in the thylakoid membranes of during photosynthesis. Both are utilized to to get electrons. Electron transport helps establish a proton gradient that powers production and also stores energy in the reduced coenzyme . This energy is used to power the to produce and other carbohydrates.

Electron Transport Chain: This is the only part of cellular respiration that directly requires oxygen.

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Also known as electron transport systems (ETS), electron transport chains are associated with both and . They are found in all except obligate .

Light Reactions: They consist of a something similar to the Electron Transport Chain from Cellular Respiration that is called Chemiosmosis.

Where the energetic that are passed to electron transport chains come from varies and in fact can be quite diverse, ranging from the -excited of in to the and 2 of to -rich (reduced) substances as seen with numerous such as those found in association with deep sea .

Cellular respiration occurs over the course of glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and the electron transport chain.

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Organisms that use cellular respiration, such as humans, use that oxygen to kick-start and propel the reactions of cellular respiration, especially those occurring during the Electron Transport Chain.