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Students pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Science (DSc) degrees in Electrical Engineering or Systems Science & Mathematics must complete a minimum of 72 credit hours of post-baccalaureate study consistent with the residency and other applicable requirements of Washington University in St. Louis and the Graduate School. These 72 units must consist of at least 36 units of course work and at least 24 units of research, and may include work done to satisfy the requirements of a master's degree in a related discipline. Up to 24 units for the PhD and 30 units for the DSc may be transferred to Washington University in St. Louis from another institution.

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Basic principles of processes used in microelectronic and photonic device fabrication: vacuum systems, plasma processes, physical and chemical vapor deposition, properties of silicon and other substrate materials, photolithography and non-optical lithography, wet chemical and plasma etching, thermal oxidation of silicon, semiconductor doping, ion implantation, metallization, electrical contacts and micro-metrology.

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Washington University has been a leader in imaging science research for over four decades, with many new medical imaging modalities, advanced applications in planetary science, and fundamental theory having been developed here. The Imaging Sciences Pathway in the Division of Biology and Biological Sciences in Arts & Sciences is jointly administered with the School of Engineering & Applied Science, with students pursuing degrees in departments across the university. The Imaging Science and Engineering (IS&E) certificate program complements the Imaging Sciences Pathway for students in the departments of Electrical & Systems Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Physics. Upon completion of both the graduate degree sought and the requirements of the program, the student's transcript will include the certificate. Each department has its own requirements, but all include the Imaging Science and Engineering Seminar. The program is flexible, so students are encouraged to appeal to the program director to identify individualized programs.

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