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Studies performed to date are highly suggestive of a causal relationship, but because of limitation in research design there is no conclusive evidence that iron deficiency with or without anemia results in abnormal thyroid function or hypothyroidism. Therefore the aim of this randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was to examine the effects of iron treatment on thyroid function in iron-deficient adolescent girls in southern Iran, in which iron deficiency is quite prevalent ().

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The initial steps of thyroid hormone synthesis-iodide incorporation into tyrosine residues of thyroglobulin and covalent linking of the residues to generate diphenylether structure are catalyzed by heme-dependent tyroperoxidase. Recently showed that iron deficiency sharply reduced thyroperoxidase activity and suggest that decreased tyroperoxidase activity contributes to the adverse effects of iron deficiency anemia on thyroid metabolism.

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shows the changes in haematological and thyroid indices after 12 weeks intervention in two groups. Both groups had depleted iron stores as indicated by multiple indicator of iron status. Iron supplementation was effective in correcting the iron deficiency in iron treated group and significantly improved the concentration of hemoglobin, serum ferritin and transferrin saturation (p

Coexisting iron deficiency anemia and Beta thalassemia trait: effect of iron therapy on red cell parameters and hemoglobin subtypes.

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Background. Coexistence of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and beta thalassemia trait (BTT) has been the topic of few studies. However, no study from our country was found evaluating the effect of iron therapy in patients with concomitant IDA and BTT. Methods. Over a period of two years, 30 patients with concomitant IDA and BTT were included. All the patients had a complete blood count, serum iron studies, and thalassemia screening using BIORADTM hemoglobin testing system. The patients received oral iron therapy in appropriate dosages for a period of twenty weeks, after which all the investigations were repeated. Appropriate statistical methods were applied for comparison of pre- and posttherapy data. Results. All except two patients were adults with a marked female preponderance. Oral iron therapy led to statistically significant improvement in hemoglobin, red cell indices (P 2 levels (P Conclusion. The present study shows the frequent occurrence of iron deficiency anemia in patients with beta thalassemia trait, which can potentially confound the diagnosis of the latter. Hence, iron deficiency should be identified and rectified in patients with suspicion of beta thalassemia trait.

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An extensive search of the available indexed English literature yielded only few Indian reports of concomitant BTT and iron deficiency [, –]. Most of these studies only evaluated the red cell parameters in such patients. However, no study was found evaluating the effect of iron therapy on red cell parameters, iron status, and hemoglobin subtypes in Indian BTT patients with concomitant iron deficiency. The present study is the first such extensive analysis from Indian subcontinent, to the best of our knowledge. Although we included only patients of BTT (HbA2 > 3.7%) with concomitant iron deficiency, these results can be extrapolated to patients with HbA2 levels