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T1 - Effect of salicylic acid applied through rooting medium on drought tolerance of wheat

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Effects of water stress on : The RWC of leaves and roots indicated the extent of dehydration. In roots and shoots in control plants, 704 var. have higher water content than 301 var., but in severe water stress (water potential -1.76 MPa), 301 plants roots and shoots have higher water content than 704 plants ().

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All plants received irrigation and intercultural operationsuniformly until the imposition of treatments. Drought treatments imposed byrestricting irrigation were re-irrigated when the plants showed signs ofwilting or leaf rolling, particularly during the morning. Control pots wereirrigated as frequently as needed.

The changes of maize seedling’s growth, gas exchange, and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, chloroplast ultrastructure and expression of D1 protein were investigated; 【Result】The photosynthetic rate (Pn), stomatal conductance (Gs), PSII maximum photochemical efficiency (Fv/Fm), PSII potential activity (Fv/Fo) were decreased by 68.4%, 87.2%, 15.8%, 31.3%,respectively under drought stress; The parameters of relative variable fluorescence intensity at J-step (Vj) and dissipated energy flux per reaction center (DIo/RC) increased by 20.9% and 21.2%.


Effects of water stress on respiration rate: Lowering their water potential somatically retarded the uptake of O2 by root and leaf segments. The changes in leaf and root respiratory rate could result from damage to the mitochondria themselves or in leaf which altered substrate availability due to inhibition of photosynthesis.

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The above changes were related to the increased NO content after SNP pretreatment under drought condition.【Conclusion】These results suggested that NO is involved in regulating the D1 protein expression and stabilizing the structure and function of PSII reaction centers to improve photosynthesis and growth of maize seedlings, which improved the adaptability of maize seedlings to drought stress.

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Exogenous ABA induces drought tolerance in upland rice: The role of chloroplast and ABA biosynthesis-related gene expression on photosystem II during PEG stress.

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Drought affects nearly all the plant growth processes;however, the stress response depends upon the intensity, rate, and duration ofexposure and the stage of crop growth (Brar et al., 1990). Reduction inphotosynthesis in water stressed leaves may be due to stomatal closure (Hsiao,1973). Farquhar and Sharkey (1982) gave a detailed account of the stomatalfunctioning in relation to stress

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It suggest that effect of water stress on respiration rates and its relations to and photosynthesis rates study in other varieties of maize and in other plants, especially correlation between respiration rates and photosynthesis rates in severe water stress.