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The name “efficient market hypothesis” sounds terribly arcane

BAT algorithm is easy toimplement and much superior to otheralgorithms in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Key words: Economic dispatch; BAT algorithm;Artificial Bee Colony algorithm; Combinedeconomic and emission dispatch; Mathematicalmodelling.

[1] Gaurav Prasad Dixit, Hari Mohan Dubey, ManjareePandit, B.

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This survey paper provides the analyzed performance of the routing protocol under the various conditions.

Key words: MANET , AODV, DSR, Throughput.

[1] Mandeep Kaur Gulati, Krishan Kumar -"A Review of QoS Routing Protocols on MANETs" 2013 Interntinal Conference on Computer Communication And Informatics(ICCI-2013),Jan.04-06-2013,Combitore,INDIA.
[2] Ashish Bagwari, Raman Jee, Pankaj Joshiand Sourabh Bisht - " Performance of AODV Routing Protocol with increasing the MANET Nodes and it's effects on QoS of Mobile Ad hoc Networks".

Simulation results show that our method outperforms LEACH in terms of network lifetime.

Key words: – Clustering, Sensor Nodes, Residual Energy, Wireless Sensor Networks, Zones

[1] Imad Aad, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, and JeanPierre Hubaux, "ns2 for the impatient", EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, March, 2009.
[2] H.

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Jianping He, Zhi Zhou and Jinping Ou, Study on Smart Transparent Concrete Product and Its Performances ,proceedings of The 6th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology ANCRiSST2011 July 25-26, 2011, Dalian, China

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Is weather similarly influenced?

The Moon Sun finance firmly endorses those analysts who consider past performance to be a strong indicator of future market trends.

What is efficient market pricing in the securities markets

*Financial markets function with mathematical structure in time and thus occur nonrandomly.
*Free markets allocate financial resources and determine prices very inefficiently.
These findings completely devastate the EMH.

which is linked to Effcient Market Hypothesis.

The weak form would be of limited use in making accurate predictions or profitable trading, but would be of scientific interest.

The "" form asserts that there is a general trend for the markets to follow Moon Sun cycles. This has been confirmed by various academic papers that have linked lunar phase with financial activity (

Efficient Market Hypothesis: So Are Markets Efficient?

Hence the proposed Non-random - IMH, for which there are three forms:

The "Weak" form regards there being only a limited correlation between the stock market and Moon Sun cycles.

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Proposition 2: The probability of finding an inefficiency in an asset market increases as the transactions and information cost of exploiting the inefficiency increases. The cost of collecting information and trading varies widely across markets and even across investments in the same markets. As these costs increase, it pays less and less to try to exploit these inefficiencies.