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The introduction to either synthesis essay contains a one-sentence (thesis) statement that sums up the essay's focus and introduces the sources or texts that will be synthesized. Students should follow the citation guidelines in referencing the texts in the essay, which includes their title and author(s) and maybe a little context about the topic or background information.

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Join Didi for one or both of these sessions, directed towards deepening our self-awareness, connecting with others, and stepping with firm feet into whatever path is calling us. The day will be all psychosynthesis, from presence, to purpose, to will and we will live the maps and practices we all know and love at deeper levels, through the lens of our own beings.

These two workshops invite a deep dive into the psychological functions map. Yay Star Diagram!
The sessions are only for people who are psychosynthesis trained. We will all refine the art of being.
Our first session will involve creating a collage as a way of accessing intuition, trusting impulse and allowing imagination to give us guidance. This outcome will be built around a number of processes, including all the stuff you love in psychosynthesis, including being a group, journeying together!

Our second session will explore the integration of body, mind and feelings, while also knowing each as its own puzzle piece. There will be movement! And Thinking! And Feelings! And the quiet mind, fluid body and sweet feeling worlds will come together.

(For those that need it, the day will be set up to meet BCC continuing education credits with a certificate of Training in the Psychological Functions).

Come for one or both. $250 per day or $450 for both! Please register with !

Pick a topic from the list we put together or choose another topicthat lends itself to synthesis2.

5.Synthesis: arrange, assemble, collect, compose, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, manage, organize, plan, prepare, propose, set up, write.

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The dictionary also records the evolution of the use of synthesis to include "deductive reasoning" in 1610 and "a combination of parts into a whole" in 1733. Today's students may use a variety of sources when they combine parts into a whole. The sources for synthesis may include articles, fiction, posts, or infographics as well as non-written sources, such as films, lectures, audio recordings, or observations.

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"Latin synthesis meaning a "collection, set, suit of clothes, composition (of a medication)" and also from the Greek synthesis meaning "a composition, a putting together."

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(1956 ) was designed with six levels in order to promote higher order thinking. Synthesis was placed on the fifth level of the Bloom’s taxonomy pyramid as it requires students to infer relationships among sources. The high-level thinking of synthesis is evident when students put the parts or information they have reviewed as a whole in order to create new meaning or a new structure.


Synthesis writing is a process in which a student makes the explicit connection between a thesis (the argument) and evidence from sources with similar or dissimilar ideas. Before synthesis can take place, however, the student must complete a careful examination or close reading of all source material.