Year 3 Medical Students Quantitative and Clinical Mentoring

You can decide as late as your third year that you want to do mathematical biology.

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The Department of English requires a total of 13 courses: 11 courses taken within the Department of English and two language courses or their equivalent, as well as a Cluster Statement to be submitted by the end of the third week of Spring Quarter of a student’s third year. By Winter Quarter of their third year, students must also meet with the Student Affairs Assistant to review their English Requirements Worksheet.

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be submitted by the end of the third week of Spring Quarter of a student’s third year. This requirement is worth 000 units. See the section "Cluster Statement" above for details.

The goal of the four-year is to enable students to prepare competitive applications to medical school and other health professions schools. Every undergraduate admitted to Duke has demonstrated academic excellence, yet some students may not have had the opportunity to develop a foundation in science and math that will accelerate them toward careers in the health professions. Participants in the form a learning community, enhancing the competitive success of each fellow.

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Students who wish to use the BA Project in English to meet the same requirement in another major should discuss their proposals with both Directors of Undergraduate Studies no later than the end of their third year. A consent form, to be signed by both departments, is available from the College advising office. It must be completed and returned to the student's College adviser by the end of Autumn Quarter of the student's year of graduation.

The Duke fellowship is a three-year program

Junior Seminars, limited to 15 third-year students who have already fulfilled the department’s gateway requirement and taken at least two further English courses, examine different topics and change from year to year. All seminars focus on the analytical, research, and bibliographic skills necessary for producing a substantial seminar paper (around 15–20 pages). They aim to help students prepare the kind of polished writing that some may want to use when applying to graduate school. They are particularly recommended for those wishing to pursue graduate studies in English or those who wish to write a strong critical BA paper.

Spring Quarter of a student’s third year

The exposes first- and second-year students to ideas from the vantage point of different disciplines across the humanities, sciences and social sciences. The program's Interdisciplinary seminar clusters nurture students' intellectual curiosity and sense of academic adventure. Small group seminars of no more than 18 students interact with some of Duke’s most distinguished professors. This intimate learning experience encourages personal intellectual responsibility while establishing student-professor rapport. Faculty and students engage in a comfortable interaction that continues throughout their academic life and later careers.

Third Year Global Health Study ..

The purpose of the Cluster Statement is to help students organize and give coherence to their individual program of study. Students will design a cluster of at least five courses that share a conceptual focus. By the end of the third week in Spring Quarter of their third year, students should submit a Cluster Worksheet and one-page statement to their departmental advisor and then the Student Affairs Assistant outlining their interests in the field and designating a “cluster” of at least five courses. Up to two of these courses may be from departments outside English. Students will design a personalized cluster that falls under one of the following four general rubrics: (1) literary and critical theory, (2) form/genre/medium, (3) literature in history, (4) literature and culture(s). Students may include Creative Writing courses within their clusters. See the for more information.